Do you find being grateful is hoping to cope with your fears?

Yolanda F.
I find it keeps me hopeful rather than fearful. Being grateful gives me confidence to tackle my fears and see them dissipate when I perform actions that make them untrue.

Carol F.
Practicing gratitude can be useful for all sorts of things, including coping with fear. Try focusing at least part of your gratitude list on different things that make you feel safe. Even if they don’t directly contrast the things you fear, building up the list of things that make you safe can remind you of your bravery and strength.

Floyd O.
I feel being grateful hi helps me put things into perspective and helps with my fears, and shows me how little our fears sometimes is.

Oktiadewi X.
Yes, I do. Also with being grateful, it actually helps me to see another side of some problems that happened which are the bright side of them.