How I can feel grateful after my mother rejected me

Najee O.
My Mom does the same thing. Just find something you like about anyone or anything, even her if you like because it may be a challenge to accept what happened o. The outside but you can accept how you feel on the inside because its completly up to you; it may not seem like it is, yet you can trust me it is. I've been going through the same exact thing, so I'm here for you!

Martin T.
Your mother is just a human being. Imperfect like all of us. It surely is very painful that she rejected you, but she is not your entire universe! Btw my father rejected me…
You need to focus on all the other great things you have. Your gratitude is your very private, very quiet and very needed place that exists through and with you. Don’t hand those keys to that beautiful garden to other people. Your gratitude depends on you!

Mia T.
You need to learn how to love yourself, what happend to you is not your fault. You are worthy of love! Focus on the good things in life, and the people who do care about you❤️

Ash N.
I am so sorry that you have to experience this and I hope you have other people in your life you feel like you can lean on during this. Although I don’t know the complete context of your situation, I would just start by looking at the small things. When I have experienced a really tough day, my gratitude just comes from small but regular like “I am grateful that I am in my warm bed” and “I am grateful that there is another day tomorrow”

Erin X.
You can feel grateful trying to remember all the other times when she didn't reject you and be happy in the fact that she might accept you someday. Just keep thinking of that day when she finally accepts you and be grateful for the existence of that day.

Loren X.
Well i dont know if I'm the perfect person for this question or not, but I don't speak to my mother. She's not a nice woman, and at the end of the day she's just a person. And if I wouldn't allow a stranger to treat me that way, why should I let the one person in the world who should treat me the best treat me any less than that. Have faith that walking away from toxicity is whats best. She can fix herself and if and when she does, you can decide to let her back in you life.

Mildred C.
It is always the best for you, ai always think about everything happens to me is the best for me. Sometimes i got angry, or cry but I don’t know what may happen for me. Being positive always the reason to accept any rejection and to be grateful