Things to be grateful for?

Iwona F.
Everything. You can think of things that happened that day. From I woke up to my amaxing coworkers or a fun day at work. Or your home, a favorite pillow you sleep on, a tree outside, the three closest things to you… For me that's my backpack, protein shake and a gift I got my brother as a surprise. The world, friends, family, a good book, a good song, car, tv, deodorant, and the app ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Tallin Y.
The every day things like my general health, that I have a roof over my head, a job to go to, food to eat.
Then more specific things like great coworkers, supportive family, friends that withstand distance, tea, my cat and the noodles he gives

Jacque F.
I am grateful for so many things โ€”that is why this is difficult! I am grateful for the changes I am making, my son and my career. I am grateful to have a home to live in, my car and the ability to work and keep my home clean and livable. I am very grateful for my pets and central air .