How can you manage to stay thankful when all the plans are ruined and your future is destroyed?

Amar C.
Things that are happening now change my life a lot, I started making yoga all day and that helped myself to be more relaxed.

Kira F.
I always look for little blessings, little things to be thankful for, everyday. It sucks to have so many things ruined or taken from you or out of your control. But I do my best to focus on the things I can control and the small positive aspects of life. Even in all that focus on the positive, I still acknowledge the negative. I cry I complain I sulk for a bit. I allow myself time to mourn and be sad, but I don’t dwell there. I always go back to those small blessings

Elsie T.
I was supposed to get married in July. This is now impossible. We will reschedule for next year. I had spent a lot of time and effort into preparing everything for the wedding day. Letting it go it is still very hard. I live away from my family and I don't know when I'll be able to see them. I moved in my current city not long ago, so I also do not know many people here yet. However, every day I find something to be grateful for. I have amazing friends and I can see keep in contact with them thanks to skype, telegram, whatsapp, zoom, for example. I have an apartment. I can work from home for the same salary. I can go out for a walk in the sun. I can journal. I can read. I can drink the water from my tap. There is always something, just start small. Start from those things you give for granted. Start with one thing per day. Then three. Then five. Soon you'll have ten each day.