Do you feel happy after being grateful?

Tara N.
I feel a lot of emotions after being grateful, and happy is usually one of them. I sometimes cry – not out of sadness but from the deepness of the gratitude I feel. There is also usually a sense of calm and it feels good to write down my three things and then close my journal. I am still struggling with COVID related anxiety and insomnia at the moment, but I’m hoping that as my evening routine develops, that journaling my gratitude will form a part of the solution to all the negative emotions I’m experiencing at the moment.
Sarah P.
Yes I did feel happy when I'm grateful. I have another feeling aswell. The bad ideas that I have about life comes to my mind at the same time! I dont reject the bad ideas, rather I focuses on good things that I'm grateful for. I dont know what will gonna happend in my mind!

Sometimes I'm reminded of the people who do not have what I'm grateful for. Its vierd

Cody O.
When I am grateful I smile. When I smile my face feels good. Smiling feels good. Smiling makes me happy. So I guess gratefulness is a Physiological process.

“Happiness.” Is a feeling of stillness for me. It’s like being a child. I am still young in this mindfulness journey.

I love the gratitude minute.

Taleen I.
Sometimes but not always. Gratitude brings me peace. Gratitude is about appreciating your current circumstances because it can always be worst.