Do you feel that it have been helpful?

Hanna F.
Yes, having habits I do everyday has helped. So when I wake up I do them automatically. And it feels great. But also, you should choose habits you want to do and that makes you feel great.
Ju Ara A.
Yes , I feel supported and like i have someone to feel responsibly tell them that i done this and this and this and i love it cause i don’t feel lonely , otherwise i feel like i’m getting better and glowing up for myself and I’m believing that i will surprise all of them by my glowing
Zainab N.
Yes it does give you motivation. But at the same time it's also up to you and whether you want to stick to your routine or not.
Florian Y.
Yes it really helpfull for me bcause this time i clearly saw my actions that i pretty did all routine u gave to me although in the morning routine same as drinking water and eating healthy breakfast and ofcourse u did everything like u did imstruct what i need to ate breakfast like adding protien my morning food
Lea N.
I love this app with all my heart. It just helped me to organize my morning and achieve more. Organize my evening and have good night sleep and wake up happy.
Kelly O.
I do feel that writing down what I’m grateful for is helpful because it helps me stay in a positive state of mind. I have also noticed that I write down or say to others words of grateful throughout my day because I’m staying in that positive state of mind.
Te N.
Absolutely! Only a few days ago I started using this app. I was kind of down and didn’t have much clarity in my life for quite a while. Until I saw this app! I felt heavy everyday and I couldn’t really think properly for myself, my choices were not all that good and to a minor degree they are still not, but obviously I am in the process of changing all of that by using this app. Meditating really helps me get through the day with comfort, clarity and loads of energy! This app is helping me to become my ultimate self, the best version of myself. I haven’t felt good about myself in a while. I feel great!
Sam F.
in the couple of days I have had this app download, I haven't seen an enormous change, but I can definitely see where it can be very helpful in the long term. note: your access to certain features is restricted unless you are willing to pay for a premium membership.
Aishwarya F.
This app has been a big help for me as i have almost always abandon my " getting in to habits" routine….
The idea of taking baby step at a time seems great to me without
Bombarding myself with so many habits as i had done in my previous attempts.
So in conclusion this app has greatly improved my days and nights too!!!
Thank you fabulous mostly grateful for this software
Jamie U.
I'd personally say yes .. this is probably my day 5 .. and I feel an undiscribable change with me … An inner change . I feel more lively and aware .. even my mother noticed .. I'm excited for future me .
Lora A.
What exactly? Fabulous? The app? Rhe app is as helpful as you want it to be. It's only a guidance. You are the only one who makes the change. You have to want it and try. But it's helpful as in it gives you ideas on how to help yourself. It's on you to make things happen. It's hard to do it, but ultimately it's rewarding seeing how far you've come. The good habits you implemented. It's slow sometimes, but suddenly you look back and you see the benefits.
Emily F.
I think it has been very helpful to me in building habits and staying with them even if you mess up now and then. It has made me more positive towards myself day to day and I really enjoy it.
C Lsio Q.
I think it is helpful. It gives some order in my life and the water, first thing in the morning, really helps me get going faster.
Zihan M.
My answer is a definite yes. Fabulous has helped me to be more organized and disciplined. I would recommend this to a friend.
Noah A.
Well, I only have 3 days in this path and already making changes, the fact of only drinking water for 3 days is been changing, not only because of the water, but because of the commitment. Is really important to understand when we commit to something. It has a strong feeling and sense of self responsibility attached to it tabt makes you succeed.
Lilou Q.
Yes. It is really helpful. I can notice many changes in my life for just these few days. I am in love with Fabulous. It makes me feel fantabulous… 💖💖
Ella Y.
I am so pleased I got this app!! Even my friends are saying that I’ve been in better moods and I’ve only been on the app 2 days!
Imaan F.
Yes it has . It definitely has helped me get into a routine and instead of being forced I get to make my own habits and go at my own pace. I feel so much better knowing I have completed all my habits. I feel so much better and my life has gotten a lot better
Ana S.
It's quite tricky to navigate. The alarms are great, and the questions and readings thought provoking.
However, it seems very limited unless you have premium.
That's a pity
Hana Z.
Yes it has been a long time since I started to take care of my self and I'm doing it now tanks to this app I'm so happy and feel good 👍
Sam Y.
To be honest, it's early days at the moment but it is teaching me to practice gratitude daily and to stick to a routine. I'm used to just doing whatever I felt right at a particular moment. I'm hoping that this will help me and others in the future but like many things, it isn't for everyone.
Levi J.
I guess in a way. A drink a lot more water, exercising is hard especially in the morning. But my breakfasts are amazing. Now I only need to find a way to make it to go or up front for when I’m in a hurry:)
Beatrice Z.
Yes it helps me to actually do what I am supposed to do rather than just wish. In a way it keeps me accountable so less chance for procrastination. I feel good when I achieve mygoals
Barry J.
yes. This app really have helped me. Every thing started with a glass of water. People doesnt think water can be helpful! But thats play a big role. Im enjoying this app. It helps me to think yaaa, I can. I did.. So show must be go on…
Christina O.
Yes, this has helped me improve my life in a better way. It has given me positive mind and has made me realize that, you can achieve anything, if you really have the heart to do it.
Nouran R.
Of course!!!! You basically choose your to-dos for the days and once you get the stuff you want accomplished, it cheers you up to go even stronger!
Orli U.
If you remeber to use it and consiously make an effort then yes, it will help make youa more productive, active, happy, and healthy person
Rebecca O.
Yes. I think it has helped me keep track of all the stiff goin on right now for me and the art that comes with it is so cutee:)
Louella J.
It has been nearly 2 weeks since I started the fabulous but I have skipped 2 , 3 days in between and then it was like not to do again but when the morning alarm starts I automatically get up from my bed and then off it as I have woke up I will do morning routine 😊
Insa Z.
Yes I feel like this helped me reflect on my life and day and keep me in a better mood and relationship with myself and people.
Patricia P.
Yes it did . It helped me realise the forgotten and hidden values I had and it helped me to work on the on the ones that needs more attention . Meaning , my weaknesses ,and work on my weaknesses . This is helping me to become a better and stronger version of myself . Years ago I don't think I would be the same person at all hahahah . So yeah really helpful resource .
Janay F.
This has been extraordinarily helpful. I have add and it’s hard for me to maintain routine and this is a life saver if you stick to it
Sheikha N.
Yes it's helpful actually to remind me for drinking water if i forget to and fabulous give me positive vibes thanks✔️❤️
Aly O.
Yes, I do. I have been feeling great from the walk to getting all of my work done to getting into a routine. I hope that it was not coincidence that I have been having good days for the past days. I will try and keep this instead of dropping it a week later.
Jana 145 N.
To be honest it actually made me change for the better , I found this app at point in my life that's nothing was going right and I was really lucky to find fabulous it made me understand how a person can control their life through these tasks and feel better about themselves by accomplishing it and it's really refreshing and I thank everyone who took the time and energy to make this app from the bottom of my heart , your really helping a lot of people to change for the better and your changing lifes 🌺
Alexandria P.
This app has absolutely been helpful with keeping me on track everyday and reminding me to do certain things and it’s advice is great! I’m definitely ready to upgrade to premium 💛
Emily R.
Yes I do! It helps me stay on track and keeps me accountable. I love the feeling when i finish all my tasks and celebrate my little achievements. I love how they slowly build your routine so you don't feel overwhelmed.
Nikolaj Z.
Fabulous is a very helpful tool for building healthy habits. I haven’t used it for very long, but I noticed when I stick to using the app and following the habits created for me, I’m able to follow a more routine routine, which has increased my work attendance and reduced my stress.
Malou Y.
I think this app helps me be consistent in my habits and noting them and the design of the app attracts me to keep using it.
Vanessa Y.
It has been very helpful. I’m reminded of little things I are important but also know can add up to important habits. Fabulous makes it effortless.
Olivia P.
This app has been pretty helpful to me. But I do wish it gave me more motivation like for a couple days I didn’t pay attention to this app and all I got were notifications that weren’t making me want to try to get back on the right path. When I realized how much I missed out on I felt bad about myself but when I did it I felt better I just felt like I made no progress and I was starting all over again. The app does congratulate me and I like how were doing little steps that lead up to helping a lot!
Wren N.
Very helpful. I did not grow up with a gentle voice and I am a checklist kind of person. Checking things off this way – and not wanting to mess up the streak – keep me motivated.
Lesa Y.
Yes, definitely. I have a goal now and with every small challenge I get more and more motivated to continue. Would reccommend highly and so far I am pleased with the results and my own personal gain. Hope this helps!
Sebastiano O.
I feel it has been helpful. I feel more energetic every day. I wake up within minutes now and use one alarm instead of 7. I am more aware of things now after starting this app.
Alice E.
It is helpful with the small tasks like brushing my teeth and remember to take my pills but I'm not sure it's the right type of help. I think I still need a better mental support
Глеб Нечаев N.
It's giving me positive emotions. And also I feel more secure when everyday I confirm that a good thing was done. Thanks a lot for this kind of awesome app.
Teodemiro P.
It's the first day so it would be too early to say anything but so far it has been a great experience 😊. This compelled me to do things which I probably would procastinate. I achieved my tiny goals which gave huge sense of achievement and I'm proud of myself.looking forward to more improvement and new me.
Silvia Z.
It has! Although I still struggle to achieve my goals every single day, I now can keep track of them and motivate myself into coming back for them. I really enjoy it.
Ratehang Z.
Fabulous has helped me a lot. I have been able to manage my time better and get rid of bad habits. I have managed to cut down sometime on screen. I'm drinking more water than I usually do and it helps to commit to your promises and look forward to being productive every day. I didn't like eating in the morning but Fabulous helped me to see the importance of breakfast. And drinking water after waking up makes me feel energized and relaxed.
Villads C.
Yes, I feel it but it's a step by step process, so you'll be able to feel it in your first week. This app is helping me to get a better habits and to keep them, also made me aware of my worth and my power to change my lifestyle. But the best thing in this app is the way that they celebrate me every step i do, like every single step is a success and every single day is worth living!!
Lizeth Y.
Totally, I didn't imagine how good it will going to be. Now I have a better morning routine and I am feeling awesome during the day, the best is at night, I feel I complete what I wanted and I didnt procrastinate or forget to do something. Simply awesome
Sana N.
yes it has made me feel a lot better and not just by completing tasks but also by making me feel like its small victories
Neha G.
Yes i really think that it have been helpful. My motivated everyday to do new thinks and complete my tasks. I wake up with positivity and end the day with the same delightness.
Lee E.
Yes a lot. I have never in my life complemented and supported myself so much ! Ive never said out loud a good thing about me or how grateful I am for what I got, for being me! I still dont like some parts of myself, but at least now I am not hating me for them! It is a major change from hate to dont like that much! Also Ive developed a somewhat more organised routine, since now I have something to keep my mind busy and celebrate my lil successes of completing single tasks! So thank u, it has helped me a lot
Cynthia N.
Fabulous has been an incredibly helpful tool by assisting in establishing both healthy and efficient routines in my day-to-day life.
Irene Z.
If you are asking if this app has been helpful-
1. the notifications are a gentle and pleasant sound- just an invitation. I like that.
2. I have started drinking water
as a result- it seems the app will only let you do this one thing at the start. I drink water every morning first thing. The habit is established.
2. I like the invitation to celebrate or be grateful. It's a quick reminder with that same sweet notification sound.
3. I most appreciate the coaching. I have other minute meditations but this gentleman's voice directs thought in a wonderful direction. It makes my day!
Simon C.
yes, I feel like it has helped me to remember better. I love lists because they help me organize and this app helps me the same way.
Tanushree I.
Yes I feel like it has been way to helpful in my life, making new habits and adapting them to my own life is giving me goals and purpose isbtead of leaving me pitnless and this has helped in my dialy life by making me positive and making me spend mroe of time wisely than I used to in the holidays.