Do you keep a gratitude journal?

Malou A.
Yes I do. My journal isn't just for gratitude, it's also for dumping thoughts, prayers needed, things I'm contemplating, anything I feel needs to be put on paper. I am starting to send at least 1 grateful text to 1 person daily. This has helped to build my confidence back up.

Anjali T.
Yes, I started over a year ago and it’s been great. I find it hard to stop, there’s always so much to be thankful for, and it feels so much better and more uplifting than listing out grudges or stewing over negative experiences.

Gabby P.
Yes i do. I think it helped a lot with my mental health and dealing with a lot of feelings when I was especially struggling. It helped me be more aware of all the good things in my life and I definitely recommend it.

Rosie Z.
Yes! I keep a gratitude journal so I can write down what I am grateful for every day. I keep this so I can express my gratitude for certain things in my life. I write down three things that I am grateful for when I get home from school. I do this so I can feel good and ready to take on my night. I think this is important just to take a few extra minutes to write down things you love and want to recognize. I definitely recommend doing this because it is a total game changer.

Diya Z.
I've always thought of keepong a gratitude journal but never made the effort to actually keep one. But ever since i joined fabulous and picked 'be grateful', i started keeping a journal🌸

Roshaan N.
I did on fabulous. But ironically I just deleted that task today because it was in my morning routine so I had to write something I was grateful for everyday. I had to delete it because it started to feel overwhelming for me. So maybe I’ll keep a real physical one in which I’ll try to write at least once a week.

Olive N.
I personally keep a journal but I do normally write a couple of gratitude entries per week which I find easier than having a whole separate journal.

Saria N.
I don’t currently keep a gratitude journal, but I’m about to! Maybe I’ll keep it on Evernote 🙂 since I can speak out loud and it will turn my voice to text. Then later, I can search the journal for certain events. Speaking out loud is more efficient than typing everything.

Jana L.
yess i do and even i kept that habit in mind and had applications for it to not to forget even i took a challenge in it💖

Emiliano X.
I do keep a journal, but even when I didn't; I took a time on my meditation to be thankfull. 3 things about my life, 3 things about my career and 3 things about myself. You can add more if you want or if you can think of only one, that's enough. It will eventually bring to mind more things

Megan F.
I use the app called 3 Good Things. So every night I submit three good things that happened for the day that I’m grateful for. It’s easy, quick, and it’s not overwhelming where it’s like think of ten things. And since it’s on my phone it’s easily accessible.

Elijah E.
No but I have been wanting to write more gratitude list. I never thought of a journal. I am in AA and gratitude lists are one way we try and keep our thinking right and build our connection with a higher power. I think I will start a gratitude journal now.

Gesine U.
Yes everyday I right in it and I put my thoughts I'll do like the weather the calendar and I made a calendar and then I'll go and check off each day and write what I've done that day

Ruby E.
I have a prompted journal from typo, where it askes what I was grateful for during that day. I find this more helpful then freewriting, as it allows me to gain a new perspective to view my day and find gratitude in small things 🙂

Karl Hermann X.
I do journal and like to write my gratitudes in notes or a physical diary as it helps me clearly see what my thoughts are about and sort the stuff i am really Grateful about

Elizabeth O.
No but I use the gratitude in fabulous and it asks me every day to put in a paragraph of gratitude for that day so I would recommend putting gratitude on your routines for the evening or whenever is suitable for you that day have an amazing day.

Erwan S.
I do, I put even the smallest details in it. It helps me to stay positive even when it's hard. There's always, always something to be grateful for.

Rachel F.
Sometimes…I have a note pad on my nightstand that I like to write down 10 things I was grateful for that day, but I often forget. I have more recently been telling my 4 months old things I am grateful for at bedtime.

Tatiano T.
No, I do not. But I feel I would be more thankful for I have. A quote I like to say is " If you think you do not have enough look at people who have less."

Vando I.
No I do not, I don't feel it's need to express your feelings onto a journal but rather give gratitude within your spirit and through meditation

Mitchell O.
I dont have a seperate journal though I am planning to start one. Eventhough , I do have a journal on my phone in this app that I fill in everyday now.

Theodore O.
No, but I use a blessing jar. Dyslexia can make putting my thought down on paper a challenge, but a small picture or just a line in a ribbon of paper. It's pretty, non sequential, non linear. Perfect for a brain wired a little differently, and it looks good on my shelf rather than hidden in a book. Out of sight out of mind can be problematic if I'm trying to keep up a habit. Seeing it regularly reminds me to add blessings and reminds me that I'm blessed 😊

Phoebe P.
No, but i’m trying to keep a journal for all my thoughts. I think there’s less pressure to do it every day, and say the right thing. I just take it out when I feel like it and say everything that’s on my mind.

Patryk X.
No, but I write sometimes letters. Just for me. About my life, school, feelings and thoughts. Don't let bad thoughts and emotions be in you. Let them out. You can talk to someone or write it down. It really helps.

Ruby N.
No not really but it's good to such it helps to clear the mind and just cleanse any negative vibe against someone or something you were not happy with or about

Molly N.
Yes! Though it’s more of just A journal not a gratitude journal. I don’t write in it everyday. That makes it seem more like a chore. So instead I write before night when I feel like it, or when I have something to say, good or bad! 🙂

Big O.
I used to have a five minute gratitude journal and when I finished it I bought a new journal. I use this current one to write my thoughts, what I’m grateful for, and my experiences throughout life.

Florian Y.
Yeah I do. I wtite down the things that I am Grateful for everyday before going to sleep and write a To-Do list whenever i woke up