How can you be Grateful?

Malaika N.
You can be grateful by admiring the little things in life, like the sunrise and the sunset you're able to see, and the birds swaying away like the linens in the sky. Grateful that you have eyes to see and ears to hear the chirping of birds and the water fall. you can be grateful for your legs that carry you to the beauties of the world, in the direction of the sundown and you witness the yellow and orange hues.
Simply be grateful that you smiled today, it's just one tiny thing. you just smiled, nothing big. but you smiled and that means something made you feel positively. maybe you smiled when you saw your parents talking to each other, or your grandma telling you stories of the old time, or your sister spilling her lame jokes, or watching or brothers watch a YouTube video together. and you smiled not because you have everything in life, but because you have the little things that matter, and a heart to feel.
Lyn Q.
Look around you and think how your life will be without the things you have. Your house, clothes, food, money, job, and even your loved ones. If you think that your life will be different in a negative way, be grateful right away for their existence in your life right now. Feel it and say thank you 7 times!
Hailey R.
When I am being grateful, I sit down with a pen/pencil and paper (so I don't get distracted by social media or web surfing) and first I think about anything and everything, anyone and everyone, that has made a positive impact on my life. Example: My mother. We are very different people, and we definitely had our struggles, but I know she did everything in her power to be the best mom she could. She gave me my foundation to build a better life on, and I thank whoever you wanna thank every day for that.
Then, I start thinking about the things that are a bit harder to see in a positive light, the things that feel devestating in the moment, and try to find a way to be greatful for them. Example: I was bullied relentlessly growing up because I was over-weight. Now I can look back on that and be grateful that I was taught empathy and compassion through that hardship.
Lastly, I read what I have written, and give a little "thank you" for each one =)
Gen Z.
To initiate gratefulness, you start by giving back, helping others. Then you find a reason within yourself to be grateful for. One reason would be 'the gift of life'. I'm grateful for being alive, despite all the troubles, the chaos around me… I just stop and breathe. I'm alive. I'm grateful.
Kym N.
Being grateful is a part of your consciousness as well as your un-consciousness. That is , being grateful even when you’re now awake of it.
Nima A.
Think of a smallest and tiniest reason which can cause you a little smile and you find a lot of things to be grateful about.
Shine A.
Being grateful can be simple. You can say I’m grateful I woke up today. I’m grateful that I feel good I am healthy. It’s always something to be grateful for no matter how small or big.
Myranda E.
Start small. Practice gratitude for a sunny day, a quiet moment ( even if it's the 30 seconds from when you close your kids door and walk around to the drivers door), or someone who gave you a gift.

Start saying please and thank you to your kids and/or partner more… Soon it will become habit and trust me, they'll notice and start saying it too.

Frouckje I.
For me gratefulness starts with the acknowledgement that life is a gift. When you realise that having food on the table, a roof above your head, a good night sleep, family and friends around you, work and a good health is not something naturally for everybody, you start to feel grateful for it when you have it. But gratefulness is also noticing the little things in life. The cat napping in the sun, flowers that bloom, rain that waters our vegetables or other small things. Just pay attention. There are always things you can be grateful for.
Cassandra O.
I think the best way to be grateful is to live in the moment. Enjoy the smallest things that bring you great peace. Really tap into you’re awareness & what sets your soul on fire🧡⚡️
K The S.
By saying thanks to everyone that gives or passes something to you and thanking all that you receive or already have, most importantly thank yourself for the small wins you get along the way. Keep smiling and thank all that comes your way
Maria F.
I'm grateful for what my family provides for me, for the love and affection my favorite people show me, my mum and my dad, my best friends. I'm grateful that I'm alive.
Gerry E.
I can be grateful by appreciating all the moments in life. I can value people and friendships. I can value the blessings I have both big and small and keep growing each and everyday.
Tree F.
For having what I have, maybe others could not have it what I have, like my family, my religion, my Mohammad who will ask for my forgiveness On judgment day, my appearance and…
Fernanda T.
Focusing on the positive. This morning talking about my family I realized in a deeper way how much disconnection they had with us daughters. We were definitely neglected. But there were positive moments. Like when my mom would take us to the park with our bikes. Or when my dad would take us on camping trips. This moments were the exception, but they were there. A little light in the darkness. I am grateful for the little light.
Derek T.
Reflect every day on all of the blessings in my life starting from the small things: a home, a bed, heat, running water, a partner, a job, a positive relationship, family and friends who love me, a car and also reflect on mental attributes I have that help me; positivity, caring heart, sensitivity. I try to be grateful for all of the amazing gifts and opportunities I’ve been given and let people know I’m thankful for them and I love them.
Noah P.
Im grateful that me n people around me still healthy, all the matter runs smooth today, could eat complete 3 meals and snack all day. Can sleep when i wanted take a nap and many mores. Alhamdulillah
Jada C.
for me, i simply just sit still and look around at what i have. the more you see, the more to be grateful for. for example right now im sitting down, eating a cookie, snd writing this on my phone. im very grateful for my chair, my cookie, and my phone. just know that some people would love to have what you take for granted. 💜
Heleandra X.
I can be grateful in many ways. I can be grateful by thinking of all the things i like that are in my life. Or i can be grateful by thinking of all the bad things that aren't in my life. Thinking like that makes me apreciate all the good things that are in my life.
Chloe N.
You can start by being grateful first by living in the moment and as you live in the moment embrace all the things around you, things you can see touch and feel sometimes things that you can’t grasp or see. As you waken your body to the things that are here for us and the great things we are able to do you start to feel gratitude for the littlest things. This planet is the most nicest in terms of hate and violence, but when you can go outside of yourself and see the true beauty. The animals, grass , sky and the beautiful sun. Gratitude and the practice of being grateful becomes a walk in the park. The journey is truly in taking the first steps.
Thishakya X.
I can be grateful by looking at the things around me, I can be grateful for the fact that I feel sooo amazing and so much better than I used to feel. I can be grateful because I fear no more and I have found so much peace within. I am so grateful that I see opportunities to be grateful for.
Lukas Z.
Because growing up with nothingnand getting things bit by bit was very joyous to me doni give nack now to those that struggle just like i did
Howard F.
That's very easy. Just seat, or not, and think abought your day. You can ba grateful for.: Spend nice evening with your second half. Or maybe because you bought milk in shop without witch you can't drink your favorite coffe every morning.
You can be grateful for everything! For breathing too 😜
Klara A.
She a monument to your self and reflect back on teh day and loook for teh thing that’ you have and notice how other people don’t have that privilege so your grateful for that
Rosemarie A.
By looking myself with care and love as the way I look others around me. Judging is not the way to solve things and observe the world around me. By loving and living through positivity I will achieve my goals and the life I am longing for.
Aiden J.
being grateful can come many ways, maybe seeing things differently, not completely, since i struggle the same way, but usually when i listen to the right song, or i just trail of from reality, sort of daydreaming in a sense, it really helps. you always don’t have to be grateful for a specific thing/ person, but starting out with small things like you getting yourself to read, or getting to watch your favorite movie/show can be a way to be grateful, even if you don’t realize it much at the time.
Augustin Y.
Take advantage of the things I have right. Maybe I have many things that don't exist or are not available to others. I have to be grateful.
Mikkel W.
By first understanding that some of us have way more than we need/deserve; we’re blessed with things that others are not. Gratitude, however, has no amount. You can be grateful for both small things and large things. Food in your stomach, a roof over your head, clothes on your back – or maybe you received a compliment, the clouds resemble something you love, or your coffee was made just right. You must be grateful for every little positive thing you’re given because it can be taken away with a snap of the fingers. You can be grateful by relishing in the fact you’re blessed with many things. By silently thanking whichever deity you follow. How you decide to be grateful and show gratitude is completely up to you though. May your path be lit by the fire of the soul, your days filled with only positive energy flow, and and may your mind, body, and spirit able to climb out of any hole.
Annique R.
I can be grateful by acknowledging that taking our situation, we are actually exceptionally lucky and in a great position. I should be grateful that we have a house and that our family is healthy and happy. There are millions of people that doesn't have a quarter of what I have. I have to remember where I come from and be grateful and positive positive
Pearl C.
Gratefulness, will never happen like that you see around you calm down first of all the see all your life in front of you,you see yourself how gave you grown through with what you have gone through, then you see your family who were with you in every situation from the first fall to the 100th fall you maybe facing now, you see so many people who are not getting the lifestyle which you are getting so many people to care about you and you yourself, see how some people never get what you have to cherish after realizing all this Gratefulness will automatically make a place when this happens look at the sky and Thank the universe, it will make wonders for you!
Stay fabulous
Marcia Y.
How could I not be grateful? Just the fact that I am alive and continue to live independently with so much functionality is absolutely amazing and fills me with such complete gratitude.
Meszes E.
Well I mean I've been practicing it by meditation and all sorts of ways already, but I think if you struggle to do it, that's the best thing you can do. Struggle to do it. You can write down 3 good things of today if you really want to, I'm sure. Then it just gets more natural to think that way after a while.
Qb Natalie N.
When I allow myself time to slow down and give myself permission to switch my focus, it happens. It HAS to be intentional and sometimes I have to dig. Other times things jump into my mind. I know blessing chases me down and overtakes me in every arena of my life. Sometimes I see it. Sometimes I need a little help.
Kyra U.
Think about all the little good things about the day or the good food you had or when you were able to laugh with your friends. If you can think about all the things you are looking toward too and if you solved any problems or got a lot done today think about that. It’s an amazing feeling when you think about how much you did that day and I am always try to feel fearful about what I got done during the day
Dalv Nia P.
Be positive more often which will make me more aware of the good things in my life or an event that made me feel good. Being specific about whatever it is makes me appreciate it and often makes me realize how much greater it was than even I thought. For example, if my daughter calls me just to say hello I would feel loved and would be grateful for the phone call. But if I think about it more, the specific thing that made me feel loved was having her in my life to begin with. When I do this I will be grateful and know I am loved everyday, not just when she calls.
Silje C.
Look at the things you value most in life, whether it is emotionally or a person /object, think of how much you value it, you'll maybe find that your greatful for it because you value it and greatful you still have it, something you would protect. A Blessing, you'd be greatful for that, even if it's not, you just appreciate it, be greatful.
Joyce F.
You can just take a few moments and reflect on all the small and big things you have accomplished and how far you've come in your life despite all the difficulties you've had And also think of all you have and take for granted perhaps; If you are healthy, have someone who cares about you, have a roof over your head, food, if you can play and enjoy, etc. And think how these have made your life better and happier.
Hector E.
I am so grateful to have this life because looking to others lives makes me realize that I have things that they wanted. Even my life is not really perfect I still have things that I am very grateful specially to my family, to the people who believes in me, to the skills that I can use , to have a creative thoughts etc etc.
Bianca I.
You can say a simple ,,thatk you,, to people around or just thank yourself. You can write down everything you're grateful for or say it out loud. Or maybe you can take photo of things you're grateful for and keep it in your gallery as a reminder. There are plenty of methods, so hopefully you'll find the right one
Shinchan A.
There are many things to be grateful for in life. Even in the darkest nights, life is beautiful. We just need to develop the correct perspective to see the good things in life. Start from the very basics of your existence and notice every thing that you have. You have a life. You have parents. You have siblings (If you have). You have enough and good food. You have a shelter. You have good clothes to wear. You have access to education. You have friends (if any).if you think these are quite basic things that everyone has and there's nothing special in these, then remember that there are many people who are dying to have these in their life. You are much higher than a lot of people. Appreciate that and be thankful to Allah for that. Be thankful to Allah for every time he saved you from accidents/hardships, even when you didn't even realised that you had been saved. You have a life and you can do so much in it. Help others. Help your family and your friends. Spend time with your family. Try to make others happy. Try to make someone's day. The happiness you give to others will come back to you multiplied. Be grateful for the people in your life. Even those who might have hurt you, because they have taught you something. After all, life is a beautiful balance of good and bad.
Elena N.
I don’t really know.. just , if you have to eat , a bed to sleep, and your family you are very lucky!
And Do not ask for much. Be simple
Arthur F.
Greatfulness is not a habit, it is a skill we all must have to master by ourselves, to be greatful means that you are thanking the universe for giving you more then you can ever imagine, thank the universe for every positive thing occurred in your lifetime. Actually just be thankful about this app that it's here for you to get better and achieve your desired outcome. There are alot of good and positive things around us, we should learn to avoid the negative or atleast don't over exaggerate them and focus on the positive and be thankful about them, Keep in mind whatever you share – you become, like if you share negative thoughts or feelings with people you become negative inside, if you share sadness and hopelessness with the world you will be the most sad and hopeless person in the room so why not to share positive and wonderful thoughts & experiences with the people around and become the most wonderful person.
It will not only change your life but also other's life dramatically, so be accountable everyday that you are sharing more and more positive things with people and i am sure it will bring miracle into your life.
Good luck @ikdarshan
Janet N.
Just by waking up. The older I get, I realize how life is so precious. One moment you’re here and gone tomorrow. I am grateful for being able to wake up and know my journey of life is still going, that my purpose on this earth (whatever that may be) is still needing to be fulfilled. I’m grateful for my body and all of the functioning it does to get me through the day. I’m grateful for my eyes to see the world so clearly in my own perspective. I’m grateful for having ears to hear and learn from others around. I’m grateful for my voice that even though it might tremble when it’s time to speak up, I still do it each day. I’m grateful for life that each day is a new day to accomplish what you want to contribute on this earth. I’m grateful for the failures as it is not a person but an event that we learn from.
Rose Z.
Feeling grateful doesn't have to be over something big. You can be grateful over something so simple such as, being grateful that you're healthy today, or grateful that you get to eat and drink without having to struggle much.<3
Don X.
Appreciating how beautiful life really is and all the love surrounding us. I have a beautiful baby boy healthy and growing up lovely I am so unbelievably lucky to have him come into my life. He is my everything.
Alexandria P.
By thinking about everything your blessed with in life and the family you have because everyone’s situations could always be worse than what they are experiencing
Yarilis Y.
I think the best way to be grateful is putting to hood use what you're grateful for.. if you are grateful for your parents, your partner or your friends cherish them. If you are grateful for your job be the best at it and lead the path for your coworkers. If you're grateful for your life, live a meaningful one, one in which you're happy and you live for yourself,.not to please others.
Edward F.
By loving yourself and others and looking for the pretty things in everyone and everything and forgiving yourself and others for mistakes.
Loane Z.
I can be grateful ny appreciate everything including the small little things. I can also remember that everything that has happened in my life has brought me to the place I am today.
Barbara J.
My goal is to write down what I am grateful for everyday. They are based on that day and nothing is too little to be grateful for. It could be I am utterly grateful for my husband and his support and the next day it might be I am grateful for a hot cup of tea or nachos! Just write down what you're feeling grateful for, nothing should be discounted.
Heather Q.
Start small.
Be specific.
Say why you are grateful not just that you are.
Make it personal.
Use positive language.

Don't force it. If you are not feeling grateful for anything, don't worry about it. There is always tomorrow. Use the time instead to rebalance.

Aribella Z.
I can be grateful through showing my gratitude for that person or thing by taking time to appreciate it. I can be grateful through recognizing the things I am blessed with that others may not have ( including a safe protected home, growing education, access to information to improve myself, and much much more). I can be grateful by giving to charity and showing that I care and am taking time to pay back what has been blessed/provided for me.
Madeleine G.
The things you have that money can't buy are some of the thing that others find expensive somewhere else. Even if it's the slightest wind that blows or the singing of leaves in the trees or the dust that blinds you for a second. Not everyone can write and day thank you for these things.
Silke C.
For me, the best way to be grateful is to look at those that are below you anytime you feel like complaining about something that you don’t have.
Sans O S.
Tako što ću pauzirati u tiju dana i setiti se dobrih stvari na kojima sam zahvalna. Cenim ono što imam, kako bih bila svesnija šta da menjam i zašto.
Prisca U.
You can be grateful just to appreciate every little piece of what you get from everyone. You can be grateful to appreciate the people and the effort they use to come through every day. Be grateful for everything you and the people around you do.
Danish W.
By remembering what you have in life, the people, the things you have, the shelter you have, the food you have on you table, your family, your friends, your talents and abilities.
Imelda F.
By realizing that there's always someone out there who has it worse than you.
By remembering that there's people (or someone) out there who miss you or always have your back and considering yourself lucky to have them.
By realizing that not everyone goes to bed and wakes up the next day and considering yourself lucky to be chosen to see this day.
By knowing that not everyone is aware of this app and not everyone on this app gets their questions answered but I have answered yours.
Saul N.
Hey bud, the most important thing is to remember that you can be grateful for the simplest things! For example, to have food to eat, to have a roof over your head, good weather etc.
Kristina J.
I choose to focus on a positive side of the spectrum, always. It's so easy to have one small negative thing/situation/person ruin our days when we focus on that particular one thing that happened, so instead i focus on many good ones that are still around me and realise that this one negative thing can eventually shrink and not affect me as much. And if you do this daily it becomes a habit.
Elena Q.
Our lives are full of small and big events, good and bad, many of which we do not see and simply pass by. I am grateful for all the good and bad things in my life, because good things made me feel good about myself and my life, and bad things made me stronger.🌿💙
Malachi N.
Well basically just the things that ur grateful for that happened that day like I’m grateful for the person who asked me how I felt or I’m grateful for the love of my family/friends/a certain someone just something like that😂🫂
Courtney Z.
Think about the things in life, no matter how small, insignificant or silly they seem, and write them in a journal. Give variety to the many different ways of looking at things that you can include along with all the other standard gratitude typical responses. Think outside the box
Dylan Z.
Taking the time to pause and think; think of anything. What made me smile yesterday? What was something that went well? Who helped you recently? There's little things throughout each day that make you feel good, you just need to take a moment to think about what they are. There's always something to be grateful for.
Lauren F.
It's not so much of *how* can you be grateful but *what* can you be grateful for. Did someone stop to let you cross the street? Did your supermarket have in stock everything on your list? Did you make a really nice dinner? The smallest details can give the greatest fulfilment and over time it will teach you to find gratitude in daily life, making the world seem like a more friendly and positive place.
Abigail A.
I like to think about the interactions that I had during the day and recognizing things that didn't have to go well, but did! I hope that helps!
Mailina V.
We will always be grateful, since we were born to this lifetime we are already have the reason to be grateful, make our day become more challenging and more growing. We are precious, beautiful, smart and healthy. So be grateful, be who you are.
Marion S.
Because i have all things what is necessary for life, firstly i have a beautiful family and life, nothing is missed me, i goes to the see , i am healthy and my family
Kyra U.
I don’t know if there’s a true way to ‘be grateful’ but a good way to practice is to always thank people after they do something for you! Slowly, it makes you appreciate them more. On top of that, you can also spend a bit of time every night/evening or whenever and reflect on either what you have and what deserves appreciation or things that people have done for you. Repaying(not with money) is a good way to be grateful too! Cause it can make you understand how helping someone makes that person’s day better, even if they don’t realize it!
Zo F.
Start by documenting three things that made you happy today. It can be any three things but they had to happen today. So it could be something small like you had a nice cup of tea or something big like a family member having a baby. So long as it made you happy that day document it. Put it in a voice note to send to a close friend, or on your social media story, or just write it in a journal. Before you know it, your life will be full of gratitude.
Lidwina J.
I can be grateful by choosing to value the pwople and the things that are present in my life rather on lamenting and focusing on the things that I don't have.
Elise P.
being grateful is a choice , we as special human beings on earth need to be grateful for alot if things , especially have this app to help us get through our rough times 💘
Leroy E.
I have a journal that i write down anything good that happened through the day even if it is just a chance to enjoy a meal or a hood text or an email that was achieved.
Of you dont have anything your are grateful for just think of having a roof you can sleep under, health, eyes that sees .
A lot of good things will come to your mind and the more grateful you feel the more blessings will come your way. If you dont have a journal just think of the things you are grateful for for few seconds while your eyes are closed. Its just a good habit that will turn the way we are thinking.
Ina Z.
1. Choose to be grateful
2. Look for reasons to love your problems
3. Don’t keep it to yourself – share gratitude with others
Philip N.
Honestly just look around you! Do you know how amazing it is that we’re alive? That’s one thing we can all be grateful for regardless of who we are or where we come from. It’s such a beautiful gift and yet we often don’t stop to pay attention to it. 🙂
Marie U.
Always start with something simple. Then think about how that one thing senses ripples throughout your life. Being grateful doesn’t have to be complicated but showing it for the simple things can lead to a greater and deeper sense of belonging and change.
Tanuli Q.
By thinking about all good things you appreciate or things happened or a good deed you did
These good doesn't go into toxic positivity
All life lessons and experience are also things to appreciate
Laurie O.
To realize that gratitude is an important of life, recognize those that help me before & be thankful. This is the basic principle. I had been thankful but not enough. I will need to recognize them, even a very small one.
Leslie U.
I look at my family. I am grateful every time I see my daughter. I am grateful every day I get to go to work. I know having a job is something not everyone has. I may not be in the best health, but im grateful for the health I do have. I know for a fact it can be much worse. I am grateful for many things and have many different reminders to be grateful
Alexandra G.
Just think about even the smallest thing you actually enjoy. Like.. "I'm glad that *this* exists and I can enjoy it". You can even be grateful about your favourite snack. Get at least 6 in a list, and think about their existence, and how good they make or made you feel.
Sienna U.
You can be grateful if you are not always panicking about what you are say… going to eat (for an example) and instead focus on what food you do have and be grateful for it because some people don't have any food nor water.
Vivi W.
I will start with the little things because the big ones can become overwhelming. For example did I enjoy my breakfast? Yes, then I’m grateful for having breakfast. Did my dog make me laugh? Then I’m grateful for my dog. Did I get a chance to watch the sunset? Then I’ll become grateful for it… and so on. Just the little details that happen in our everyday lives that we sometimes get to busy to notice.
Jerry X.
By thanking the people you have received in your life.
By having one good night sleep in which you feel fullfilled.
By the actions of kind
Saier M.
I recommend the app, five minute journal. You get to spend five minutes daily to write down what you grateful for. It’s really changed my life and made me into a happier person! Give it a try!
Sendy Q.
Many thing could happened in our life, even the one that we couldn’t control. It is what it is. Let choose peace, because you deserve a peace. Instead to let anger or sad, let yourself be peace by embrace and being grateful. You can’t change the situation, but you can always choose how to respond to it. Response with grateful and let you be peace
Louka E.
Well. This app make me how to manage my time. So I really thankful to developer who makes this app. If any grammar mistake in my answer I sorry about that
Casey C.
Gratitude stems from not only having integrity but by being able to control your emotions even when they are trying to be manipulated
Owen E.
How I can be grateful is to be more appreciative to the little things and sit down and think about what I have that a lot of others don’t.
Jehaan A.
How can you not be grateful? Look around you. Look at all the blessings that has already been bestowed upon you. Look at how beautiful the trees are outside. It makes you feel a certain way. It produces fruits from which we feed. Look to the birds and the animals around you. Some of which we feed on. We have water to remove toxins from our bodies. We are alive. That's a lot to be grateful for already.
Sofie W.
I like to end each day with gratitude. While lying in bed, I reflect on the day. I focus on at least 3 things I am grateful for – people, places, experiences, feelings, circumstances. I write them down and send my love & thanks to them with my thoughts. Sometimes, when it is people or relationships I am grateful for, I tell them.
Kaylen J.
What you can do to be grateful is go through your day and think about the things that made you smile, I guarantee that there’s at least one. That is what you’re grateful for, subconsciously. You’re grateful that your friend made you laugh or that your partner was there to cheer you up. Those are things we are grateful for that we take for granted.
Yasmijn U.
The easiest way to express gratitude is to simply say thank you. You can do that out loud to people who are doing something you are genuinely grateful for. But you can also do it in yourself. It is nice to write down everything you are grateful for that day in a nice gratitude booklet.
Yanis E.
you can be grateful but eating all your good that is provided because some people don't get to eat and us waisting our food is taking advantage because we know we're still going to have more if we get hungry
Afolabi B.
You can be grateful by acknowledging whatever event that happens in your life and see the positive side of it. You could stare at and object and deep down it could actually mean something to you that you are grateful. You can also close your house and focus the light on those who you love and appreciate their impart in your life. Medicate and focus the light on them and back to you. Write whatever you are grateful for in your journal and your life would be moving towards positivity with time.
Savanah Y.
Even during life's hardships I can always find many things to be grateful for regardless of the struggle im in chances are I'm at a better place than i was even though during the highs it's easy to remember the where you came from and how much better things are
Audrey X.
Put a smile on your face and think positively! A smile is what makes the day better! Think about the good things in life and how you are grateful for them!
Astrid W.
It's very much easy…..
Just sit in the evening or anytime and think about things you did in all day and think about things you are having. This will also help you to correct your mistakes or you can say bad doings.
Angela Z.
To count things that are free. Like friendship, loved ones, walks, nature, health, sight, views, sunrise, sunsets, snow, hugs, smiles, kindness and humour
Maxime P.
Everything and everyone has a purpose. So we should be grateful for all opportunities no matter how big or small. You always have the strength within yourself to accomplish any goal you put your mind to. You have to believe in yourself and if you need help it is ok to ask. Dont feel shame if you dont do something right. It was a learning lesson. Look for the positive in everything.