Do you like to use categories and find something you are grateful for in each? Or focus on highlights of the day?

Andy O.
Sometimes it's easy to spend a lot of time trying to find something. I think it's easier just to go with your very first immediate thought that comes to mind. rather than trying to identify something you believe is greater than that.
Mille B.
More so highlights of the day. I never not feel grateful for all thats around me. It feels good to know that the people and things I have an do in my life are only possible because of the people an loves in my life. I am grateful for my life. Everyday is a given. I need to enjoy it abit more then allowing daily fundamentals to take over. It does get very daunting having to consistently commit to the daily plan in order for life to roll smoothly. And I need to say to my self Im Doing a great job, be present and allow life to roll aswell.