What is the best way to practice gratitude?

Paul T.
I write my thoughts down in a daily wellness journal and that includes what I'm grateful for. I complete the journal before I go to bed
Thomas O.
The best way is to verbally give gratitude as it has a two fold effect; has a profound effect on the receiver and the act of finding & acknowledging that you're grateful for it makes you look out for more positivity. This can be daunting, so the second best is to write down as many things you're grateful for as possible an hour before bed. Having only one is fine.
Michelle T.
Appreciate what I have around me, my work, home, health, family, friends. Realise my self worth amd what ive achieved. Think about my life and how others see me. They compliments i am given, the strength others see. Believe in myself
Katrina S.
Mentally revisit your day as if you are experiencing it again in your memory, and pick out small moments that made your day easier or better, and acknowledge that you are grateful for them
Gracyn Y.
Every night I reflect on my day and write down three things that I am grateful for. They can be as big or small as I want- I can be grateful for anything and everything and it helps me to remember how lucky I am.
Heidelinde A.
The best way is to just remember what you did in that day that DIDN'T go bad, you’d be surprised even the smallest things like; bumping into a friend at the store for one minute can be seen as positive. At the end of the day when all these little things are in a list, is doesn’t make your day, week and months look so bad, does it?
Anne Marie T.
Go back through your day and note anything that gave you a good feeling. Those are the moments you work towards, and the moments that make going through things you don't like doing worth it.
Frankie B.
By starting with the smallest things u can imagine. For example be thankful of your tooth brush, your mirror, food, the fact that you woke up, your luckier thnäan the person next to you. Anything you can imagine that just pops to mind and keep at it so long it gets boring (for me it was a week or two) but seeking new challenges your mind is already trynna pick new more exciting things and that's when you start noticing… That even at times when you feel frustrated you still feel a little good inside and that's that feeling of thankfulness!
Yesica F.
I will say I look around me everyday and I see i have a roof, I have food I have health and I have my family with me, that’s more then enough for me to be glad.