Do you use devices like journals or blogs to focus on things you are grateful for?

Jan R.
No I particularly don't. I need things to be easy for me to be able to stick to them. If i write all my gratitude practice every day it would take me far too long. And probably will end up dropping the practice out of laziness. So i say it out loud. I give thanks for 10 things that happened in the day that Im grateful for 🙂

Lela Elaine N.
I do. I actually have a daily thankfulness journal. It has a few lines for each day and I fill it in either in the morning for the day before, or in the evening. It also has a page for the end of the month for longer reflections. Online journals don’t really work for me. I think when I finish this one, I’ll get a regular journal and use it the same way.

Coline E.
I do. I always felt like writing my thoughts down in a journal, (that is pleasing To The eye and has a Nice feel To it, papper thickness etc), helps me let go of things. Also drawing and shetching, anything really is a way To pause and reflect, but Also a way To meditate and not think of any thing at all.
I do prefer paper and journal before digital dittos.

Clarissa J.
Yes, I use the Journey app for my journal. I write in it about my feelings and thoughts and what I'm grateful for as often, I try to every day, as I can. It's a great way to feel better and get things off your mind.

Irma J.
I use journals and listen to podcasts. I meditate for gratitude daily. On the days that I feel off , I don’t and that’s ok. I roll with my feelings and accept that I am having an off day. I celebrate that I am kind with myself in these moments. We need to be kind to ourselves and others.

Shelly O.
Yes. I love Journaling in books but also whenever I post a new picture on Instagram I think deeply about what to write so that it isn't just another meaningless post on the web. It helps me to collect my thoughts and reflect on the positives in my life (like what I can be grateful for)

Josefine Z.
Yes ~ I've always enjoyed writing, so I decided to try journaling again. I had a problem with writing tons on my journals until I burned out on them, so this time I've set a structure: seven lines per entry, I have to mention one thing I'm grateful for, and I have to mention three other things that were good from the day.

Angela I.
No I keep it fresh in my mind by reading books about being grateful like Attitudes of Gratitude by M.J. Ryan and others like it.