Do you write your gratitudes down on paper, type on your gadget or do you just mentally think about them?

Andreas C.
الحمد لله والشكر لله على جسدي، صحتي، قوة فهمي واستيعابي، قوتي، علاقتي الصحية مع والدي واخوتي، حياتي الخالية من الهموم، الغنى والاطمئنان النفسي والود والمحبة التي اشاركها مع الاخرين، شكرا للكريم المعطاء على كل نعمة انعم بها علي وحفظها لي 🌼💕
Joless N.
i usually write it down because i journal everyday and i like to feel grateful at the end of the day; i don’t like to write it on my phone because i prefer to use it less than possible (i already use it much so i want to disconnect from it and reconnect to my life while thinking about the goods in my life); i cant just think about it because i cannot focus my thoughts on that and sometimes the negatives come to mind and i forgot about being grateful – hope it helped 🙂