How do you cope with people who constantly asks for help without showing gratitude?

Kiyona C.
I would speak up and maybe ask them if they appreciate my help. Depending on the response I get, i may either tell then i wont continue to help until they show their appreciation or if they do appreciate it, id tell them to show it in a different way so i can know they appreciate my help.
Gabriel S.
I’m trying to not help those people, but unfortunately i do help them, then i blame myself for why i did help them, if they can’t be grateful why would i help them, they better find solutions for themselves.
Natalie J.
I remember when Jesus washed the feet of the disciples and he felt that no task was below him. As a nurse, visualizing him washing their feet and it keeps me going.
Corsino C.
When people ask for help and don’t show gratitude… I let them be. I realize that they have their own journey. They have their own process. That has nothing to do with me. All I can do is show gratitude to them as much as I can’t I can just practice gratitude in my waking and sleeping life everyday.
Charlene U.
I take a deep breath and remind myself that when someone doesn’t show gratitude, it’s either because they are unaware or they don’t value the true meaning of what gratitude brings for the person applying it.

Being grateful and showing gratitude keeps me humble.

Alberto J.
It's not easy but sometimes we act and help someone because we empantise with the person or with the pain of this person. It's really important to feel grateful for help without receiving. But we explain your feelings with the best communication to sure also our frustration. It's essential help other person but never forget yourself.
Jonathan C.
Show them gratitude. If they see that you are grateful for things it might encourage them to show gratitude as well. Don't go out of your way too often for them, if they need help and you can provide that, do! But if you have stuff going on in your life that will interfere, do what's more rewarding.
Olivia Z.
I determine what my boundaries are and resolve to not cross them. Sometimes we don’t do it for the gratitude, but being felt taken for granted means something needs to change. You have to teach people how to respect you.
Jessica L.
I’d ask myself why I’m offering the help: if I’m offering just to receive thanks for it, that’s not about offering them help, that’s about me getting some need met, and that’s not others’ job to meet it. If I can’t offer my help without needing praise or gratitude in return, that says something about me, not them. I’d also ask if this is the best place for my energy. Is this really what I’m meant to be doing? Am I using my time/energy/resources wisely?