How do you constantly stay greatful?

Jake S.
I write in my journal for a few minutes all the things I’m grateful for, if I don’t have my journal I say out loud 3 things I’m grateful for.

Allison F.
Reading positive affirmations every day! Starting out my morning with positive and then throughout my day realizing how many blessing surround me and everyone! Being a light for others to see and not trying to change anyone, but only changing myself for the better! Love pure positive love pours from me because that’s who I truly am!

Melissa J.
Interesting question for me, i am also struggling with being grateful right now

But one thing I tried, is just to simply say thank you the momen you wake up, even when you just feel like disappearing from this world

Obianuju H.
I remember how lucky I am that I have a family that loves me, a personality that I love, and I feel confident that I deserve to be here

Iuri I.
You know, when you practice it you choose to concentrate your mind to think positive and feel positive more and more time per day. You have choice when you want to be happy , like always from now or just waiting when it comes by itself.
Choose it every time when think to be or not be greatful today.
Start from one thing per day. It's almost doesn't take time.
I usually write at least 10 things.
I forse my brain to make it hard for build more positive mind. From beginning forse but later it works by itself.
Try to do it with your evening routine and make u annoyed if u wouldn't do this. Like 1000 alarms and etc.
Love you please out =D

Tracey Q.
Gest think like ne,if someone see you unhappy that person can be happy fir what you aren't happy but wen you are happy that person will be unhappy

Milena J.
By enjoying the little things in life I guess. The cozy bed in the morning, a hot cup of coffee, music and looking at the stars, being grateful for all these small things and enjoying them is a great way to stay grateful

Elizabeth S.
I am not constantly grateful 🙂 I have to consistently remind myself of how much I have to be grateful for. A specific gratitude practice is good for this.

何伟伦 N.
I'm not a person who always felt grateful for what I have. But rather I always feel that take things for granted is more like me.

Vionnette N.
I try to follow all the steps that I planned in the app for myself. I feel better when I follow them.

I am also setting goals to reach put to them. I feel great when I do it! Lot’s of good things are coming my way and I am ready to achieve them.

Clara C.
When I understand that being grateful makes more great things come my way, then it’s easy to make it a priority in my day. I make it happen every day just when i open my eyes and the last thing I do just before I close my eyes. I am very grateful to for all the bad things that happened to me because I understand there’s a purpose for making me better behind all of it. Now I can see that when they see my past, why they went through and how it helped me to become a better person and get better things in life

Jay A.
It started with trying to be aware of any negative thoughts I was havings about myself or other and that led me to see how my judmental behaviour would more often than not be on the side of pessimism (negatives)

So now when I see, feel or think something and I might have a negative outlook out I take a step back say "what is the good that can come from this" or example "I dont like that hair style but it is very creative" & also if the answer does not instantly pop up into your head just take a breather and revist it with a fresh mind, even the most horrendous and tragic events have inspired people to do great things

If you lost everything you have all in one day there is 2 ways to look at it

"Why does this type of thing always happen to me?"


"I'm greatful that I had all of it in my life for as long as I did"

Terra O.
I recently read a post that said If you were to only have those things today that you were grateful for tomorrow, what would you have? I realized that there is so little I'd have. After it I actively try to be xpressive and vocal about gratification for everything big and small.

Jennifer J.
I try to accept what I cannot control or change and think of at least 3 things that I'm grateful for when I get down to upset. I then take responsibility for what is within my control and how I think or speak to myself and others.

Amy G.
Things could be so much worse. Just look at the news. Visit a hospital. I try to cherish each moment and even the 'little' things I have. And I think, as bad as I think it is; someone, somewhere would love to trade with me. So count your blessings. You're not doing as bad as you think.

Veronique F.
Being grateful is not a constant state. It has ups and downs. Sometimes the things you are grateful for are very obvious and come naturally to you. Other times you have to look for them like you look for clues in a detective. It is not about the large minesweeping things. Gratefulness is in even the smallest everyday. You just have to see it.

Capucine O.
I will admit it is difficult at times. When everything seems to be going wrong it’s so much easier to spiral into negative thinking than it is to pick your self up. What really helps me is whenever I’m feeling blissfully happy or so thankful for everything I have I write it down in a notebook. I go back to it then and read it and if I’m able to at all I drag myself out for a walk at sunset with my favourite music and just take a deep breath and let it all out. From then it’s so easy to appreciate what you have and understating that it’s not the end of the world. Often after that deep breath you begin to realise like what was I actually worried about it’s such a silly thing. Something that I heard that helps me is that ‘it’s not use worrying about something twice because it’s already happened and your putting yourself through it twice’

Akhila X.
I think its important to appreciate every aspect of our life…the fact that I'm alive gives me access to wide amount 9f opportunities & possibilities … For which i can be grateful every moment .

Emmie Z.
I don’t think I consciously stay grateful constantly.. but I think being reminded in Fabulous to be grateful makes me realise that actually I am !

A F.
By pausing, and thinking of things I didn't have access to before, or how my situation has been worse on other occasions, or simply by thinking of things that I enjoy right now no matter how small

Amira F.
I am just try ti calm,relax see around and think.
After that i know that many thing to be grateful.
Grateful is not a hard thing,its simple and good for us.

Alex Y.
Whenever I write in my journal I try to mention one or two things that I'm grateful for not matter how big or small. I don't write in my journal everyday, but I try to write in it as much as I can.

Thea C.
I don't, it actually this app that is helping me to be grateful, sometimes, i forget to be grateful, because of all the challenges im going through right now

Mailina V.
As a human who has heart, constantly greatful is hard, but greatful is made by our self! This is a good news! We can stay forever greatful by our own choice! So be greatful, when you feel sad or negative mindare coming, just try and try to stay in positif mind and also be greatful!!

Harmony W.
I stay grateful by finding at least one thing to be grateful for. No matter what happens, there’s also something I be grateful for, whether it’s your bed, your clothes, shoes on your feet, or being able to see! There’s always something that you have that someone doesn’t have, so you should be grateful for it! I’ll start you off…”I’m grateful that I have this app”, now you say one!

Ferdinando C.
I remember that I’ve chosen to be here. I remember the pleasures of all the little things. The warmth of the sunlight. The gentle whispers of the winds. The songs of the birds. The ability to work in this body. To share with others. To breathe 🧘🏻‍♂️ To listen 👂🏻 To speak 🗣 to feel 🖐🏼 To think 💭 To smell 👃🏻To taste 👅

Iam Goddessnatty E.
With mindful thinking I consciously see opportunities to be grateful for like the to be better than myself yesterday in the means of getting things done I didn’t yesterday

M N.
Appreciation…..😌😊☺️ When I take the time to appreciate things that I have in my life which bring me happiness, a feeling of gratefulness washes through me☺️😊👌👍

Zander B.
For me, it's more of a love of the world. To be able to appreciate the small and big things. To appreciate that the bad can and will make way for the good and change for the good. To understand that our lifetime is short and so is our time to experience the wonders of this earth. I can look at the sky and somehow find beauty & joy in the sky each time. Learn to appreciate the smallest of things. 🙂

Christie P.
I have a gratitude journal sms I add to it every single day as a habit. I also go outside and breathe the fresh air into my lungs a couple times per day to just be grateful for the beauty around me.

Antoinette G.
Ofcourse i do i have alot to be greatful for life kids mom and dad still living and i have a wonderful husband whom i love to the moon n back💗

Mahsa N.
Thank you. When I started to be a better version of myself, I never imagined that I could do good habits, but now that it has become my daily routine, I started with a glass of water in the morning and made a checklist and I added a habit to it every week. If you do not do a few habits in the middle of this process, it is not a problem, but I believe that if you want, you will be even better than me. If I could, you can too👍👊

Nancy Y.
I began keeping a gratitude journal on January 1, 2021. I didn’t have any expectations when I started, aside from wanting to write in it daily. That first entry filled the page with five bullet points of things for which I was grateful. Since then, I’ve written a page a day, with 5 bullet points. The journal is not big- it measures 5”x7”. It has become a self-care ritual at this point. It gives me time to reflect on my day and look inward. Although there has been substantial struggle and instability in my life over the last decade, there is also a lot of beauty and joy, especially when I look for it. I’ve come to really love my journal, as it keeps my head and heart clearer and more at peace.

Andrea F.
A gratitude journal is an excellent start. No matter how good my day has been, every evening before bed I prompt myself to be grateful for at least three things I had for the day. I usually take the freedom to write more than three and I encourage you to do so as well. As for staying grateful, I remind myself of the things that keep me afloat, like making it to and from work safely and having food to eat if I had an unpleasant day at work.

Roger Y.
I know I tend to think my life is lacking, so when I practice gratitude I remember and highlight positive thoughts of what I do have

Bradley Y.
I try to find things in my day that went well. Yes there may have been bad things but I tell myself to learn from those mistakes and keep trying. It might be hard but sometimes even when life is unbearable there is always something even something small to be happy for. When you start to feel like your having negative emotions, notice that and think of something good

Liesbeth E.
I think it takes time to be more grateful or at least bring your awareness that you are grateful. If you set an active practice to start reflecting on what you're grateful for you will start to do it more even without the intention.

V Jas O.
Either by daily repetition of just stopping for a moment and naming things I'm grateful for out loud and pondering why their important to me.
Or by trying to recognize the things in my life that I'm blessed with that not everyone has, such as food, housing, a job, income, family, friends, etc.

Chloe N.
I try to appreciate the small things in life like the smell of coffee in the morning, the blossoming flowers in my garden, my friend making me laugh. It doesn’t have to be the big things you are grateful for; it’s the little things in life that I hold onto.

Warren E.
I'm thinking that what I have now I must protect, don't comparing yourself with other people , because every person are special.

Anna Y.
I definitely don’t stay grateful, I just try to focus on what is actually good. I have a horrible habit of looking at something tiny and thinking it’s huge, sometimes it’s as little has a few dirty dishes. I will sit there and call myself lazy when really I’m just human !

Elwira Y.
By not wallowing in my mistakes. Rather learning from them, and appreciating them for what they are worth, while not giving them more energy than necessary to learn; in doing so, I open myself up all possibilities and opportunities from my mistakes, and I let them uplift me rather than drag me down. It's not a perfect process that's foolproof, but it's gaining successful momentum the more it's utilized.

Silke I.
Find small things in every day that made you smile, made you happy. Last night, it snowed in my city. So today I took a stroll around the block. The silence and beautiful view made me feel so peaceful. While I’m usually very stressed lately with this whole COVID thing. So I was grateful for that moment.
It really is the small things. You ate something that was nice, you had a nice chat with a friend or family member, …

何伟伦 N.
Although life can tend to be difficult sometimes and it's difficult to see the good in things in those times. However,training your mind not to always see what's going wrong but also what's going right can help. It's just a bad day not a bad life. The storm doesn't last forever…

Ash F.
You have to constantly make the effort to be grateful. Or at least in the beginning. Its a constant reminder. And it doesnt always happen naturally, but the hope is one day it will.

Lissa N.
Hi 👋😊 Constantly being grateful is hard. But sometimes I look at the people 💃👯‍♂️🕺and things around me and imagine my life without them. How much I would miss them or the lengths I would need to go to do life without them. Strip it right back to basics. Sometimes I’m grateful I have a bed 🛌🕯🌙 to crawl into at the end of the day or a phone 📱 that knows everything 🧠 because I wouldn’t know half the stuff I do now without it. I also like to think about humans 🧍🏽‍♀️🧍🏻🧍🏼‍♂️before all these inventions 💡 and how hard it was to get food 🍟🍔🍌🥑or stay warm 🔥 or get well when they got injured 🤕 🩹 and that sometimes ends up with me being thankful I even have a toothbrush 🪥 to keep my mouth clean. I try to find appreciation for the small things and not take them for granted.
If nothing else, I can be grateful for the opportunity that perhaps tomorrow could be better ☀️🌈 No matter how unlikely it may seem, there’s still a possibility tomorrow will be better than today and if it’s not I will battle through it day after day until it is 💪
I hope this helps 😊
Good luck 🤞

Chrystal S.
I wouldn't say I am constantly grateful. At first, I would think about what I was grateful for just before bed. Things like, I'm grateful I have a house to live in, a car to drive. Just anything in my life that would be difficult to live without. As I kept on doing it, the things I was grateful for got more personal. Like, I'm grateful for specific people in my life (not that I wasn't before, mind you, it just didn't always pop up in the beginning). I keep doing it, even if I am grateful for the same things I was yesterday. The mindset starts to change slowly. Often I find myself thinking of things to be grateful for when I wake up in the morning now too. And maybe something will pop into my head during the day. If it does, I say (in my head), "I am grateful for xyz." I have days where I am stressed out and angry or sad. We are all human and will feel those other emotions as well. It's OK to not be grateful 100% of your day. Just try to be grateful for one thing each day. More will come over time. I am grateful for the opportunity to answer this question.

Fatma N.
I should be grateful at all times
Why? U might ask it’s cuz I am building a healthy mindset and a positive one, u know what I LOVE being grateful it opened my eyes wide open and value for everything at all times and that’s where gratefulness comes

Jennifer O.
Well the truth is, I don’t. I forget, I stumble, I make mistakes but these days I am always kind to myself. I remind myself that I can always come back to my grateful meditation and change those “other” thoughts. Lately I notice much more clearly and quickly when I am being ungrateful and quickly start listing all the things I have to be thankful for, some as trivial as green grass and some as grand as my daughter. Feeling grateful feels so much better than feeling bitter and resentful. The repetitiveness of doing this daily now comes as second nature.

Karen U.
I don't! I have moments when I lose sight of the good things, but I remember to be kind to myself. I look back at the notes of gratitude to help me remember. I admit there are times I do not feel like doing that. That's ok.

Julie Y.
Nobody is greatful all the time, but you can be most of the time if you want to. I stay greatful by focusing on all the great things in my life and by doing the things I enjoy. By doing this I try to take control over my mindset and life, such that I get as great a life as possible.
I hope this was any help:)

Maja C.
I try to maintain awareness of gratitude. I remind myself about it during the day, especially if I'm feeling negative. I also write things to be grateful for in my journal at night.

Meg F.
There is only one answer for me. Count your blessings and focus on what you have not what you want. Pit bulls said in his song “everyday above ground is a great day, remember that.”

Necy Y.
I have lived a long life of obstacles and challenges. When I remember the more difficult times, it easier to appreciate the blessings that have come since. Everything is about perspective.

Selma P.
I constantly stay greatful by thinking of what I love most and blowing all the bad thoughts away to make sure I end my day happier.

B Bor O.
You don't have to be greatful all the time. Bad things happen and you have to know it isn't great. But after you realized it's not great try to find at least one thing that makes it good/positive/useful in your life.

Louise P.
By noting things around me and staying aware. It is often the smallest things you need to be grateful for, together they add up to making life good

Daniel N.
„Gratitude is not something you have to express. If you are filled with gratitude for all that contributes to your life, it will melt your very being.“ – Sadhguru