Do you ever feel like you run out of new things to feel grateful for?

Emily T.
Sometimes I have to think hard to get my three things to be grateful for but I always can find them.
Often basic things like, food food to eat, time to read, my husband mowing the lawns are good starts
Zarmala A.
Sometimes it gets hard because I feel like I’ve mentioned the same things over and again in my gratefulness practice, but it always applies differently depending on the day and situation, e.g. I’m grateful for my friends and family in general but on this day I’m really grateful for this aspect of our relationship and that experience we got to share together and so on…
Phillip T.
Yes when I am peaceful and restful I find myself running out of the things which I am grateful for. But on the other hand most of time I tend to focus only on what I didn't had and what I don't have and because of this negativity bias I make my day miserable. But this is why I have started the gratitude practice to remind myself that I am A very fortunate to have the education to born in internet era where info is available at my finger tip and by the fact that I can change my life for better from this moment forward
Lex P.
Honesty I don't. Did you have food? Do you have people to live? Can you walk and see? Do you have covid, heart failure, cancer……i am a physician and see the worst. But I wear roses glasses. I see child abuse as a chance to jump in and get a kid safe. If your alive and breathing be greatful;)
Trasee Y.
I don't feel like I run out of things to be grateful for..I have a good life, working on making it better..I do however, sometimes forget to be grateful