Is there any good movies, documentaries or Books that you would recommend to remind us how good we are living, or just inspire me to see the good?

Arthur O.
So, even though I am an adult I adore the Disney movie Wreck-it Ralph. In it, the main character cares very deeply for his friends and it always makes me cry. It also shows us that we often misunderstand other people and think negatively of them, when people are just the result of society. Don't blame them, take for the good and leave the bad.
Yuraima E.
I remember a book, “The big opportunity” it’s about a company owner that need to have one trust person to confident his company, then he organize a race between all his employees. All of them have many tests but basically they need to release his fears, rocks in his backpacks, is a challenge about let it go all that you had been charged in your life and don’t permit you trust in yourself.
Tif O.
Amelie (French); on Netflix the Brene Brown special. Her TED talks are good too. SuperSoul Sunday with Oprah is AMAZING for this. I'm in Uni and don't have much time for reading books for pleasure right now. I also watch stuff by Russell Brand and it's been really inspiring and wonderful! I'd start with Russell Brand and Brene Browns podcast on YouTube. SOOOO GOOD.
Iracema Q.
I really enjoyed Rachel Hollis' books. They are very encouraging. Her husband, Dave Hollis just released a book this month too, but I haven't read it yet. I've heard them both speak in podcasts and they both have a great energy.

Also, Trent Shelton. I think it began as a YouTube channel. I listen to his new podcast Straight Up and I just downloaded his first book

Hope this helps!

Aya G.
Yes! I have good inspirational movies such as:
The pursuit of happiness
Pay it forward
Im not ashamed
All the bright places
Hope you like them💕
Agathe I.
I can't think of any movies in particular but a book series that I got to know of many years back is one of the biggest reasons why I'm always so grateful. It's called "A series of unfortunate events" I think it may be a show as well so you can check it out. Other than that it was written by Lemony Snicket and it always reminds me to be grateful of what you have and never take it for granted as the simplest things on your life may disappear and you won't know what to do without them. So I would recommend this book series!!!
Thomas T.
At the moment a read self development books as "l'homme qui voulait être heureux".
Also, a made personality tests to better understand myself, and it felt good to be reminded of his qualities.

I'm quite hungry for other books ideas if you have some !

Felicia Q.
"Called to Rescue" anyone looking for happy documentaries should become familiar with this film that explores the tireless work of sanctuary volunteers and staff, the dedication needed for rescue and rehabilitation, and the stories of the animals themselves, living out peaceful lives in sanctuaries.