How can I be greatful when I’m so depressed. How do I feel that feeling when everything feels so gray and colorless.

Sumi N.
Look at the simplest things that make you laugh or happy maybe your pet, the sun, your friends, family, a specific post on instagram or yourself it can be anything

Julian E.
Since you wrote that I assume that you can write that means you are better than millions of people who can't and if you read my message that means you can see and read those are so great things poor people in Africa don't have propre teaching people else where are dying because of hunger so please be happy

Evi X.
I wish I can give you the best answer. All I can say is that youre not alone. Let's go outside (keep your distance from everyone else 😉 ), and see around you, the color of the houses and think, "do you like their chosen paint colors?", or see the trees on their yards, or their children's bicycles colors, or the flowers in the park, do you think you can choose your favorites?Take a deep breath, and release. If you have your camera phone with you, take some pictures of the scenery, and make captions. *hugs*