controling emotions?

Farie F.
I don't let my emotions control me, because I won't get far if they take over. Be aware of how you feel, find out why you are feeling this way. Is it something you can't control or not? If it is, change the situation. Of not, accept it and keep on going.

Bianca F.
Controlling your emotions is all about seeing whats the real reason that makes you feel this way. For instance if someone drives you crazy is because you let them affect your life and create an unpleasing emotion. No-one has power over you. If you let your house door open to anyone passing by dont be mad with the person who took the opportunity to steal you. Let the people you love inside your house and let the rest of them yell outside of it. That way they will get bored at some time and go to another house that the door maybe open to yell. People dont like speaking at walls, even when they are yelling.

Clayton Z.
Yes, I can control my emotions but like sometimes I just need to cry after a very long time of sadness, I always like to cry alone but the reason I can't is that I'm surrounded with people almost all the day. I learnt to control my emotions, and I also I have a book that I write down all my emotions, this makes me feel better so much. It's better to write it down on a piec of paper than to complain to people