How do you stay grateful?

Serena V.
The app helping me at night by reminding me by asking what I am greatful for. Helps me reflect on my day, turning what seems like a bad day into an ok one.

Chiyz Z.
I remain grateful by constantly reminding myself that I need to be grateful. Telling myself this could be worst l, reminding myself of people who go through worst trials.

Tahni S.
I’m still learning how to be grateful but I try to take the time to slow down and enjoy something. Whether it’s my morning tea or just the way the sun is shining through my window, I try to take the time to think “ahh that’s nice, I’m glad I get to experience this.”

Vito Y.
Regular practise. I'm finding that starting my day with my journal, and writing three things I'm grateful for, is really beneficial. It's got me back to journalling. If that's all I write it's enough. I also write one thing I want to achieve for the day, and keeping that simple and doable, gives me at least one thing to be grateful for.

Anna F.
I look at my baby a lot… she is so young , so simple and so happy. I am always grateful for her being such a happy baby and for her existance.

Keisha F.
By always reminded myself that there are less fortunate than myself and remaining confident that bad things and situations are all part of the bigger picture n you dont need to understand everything while it's happening u just need to have faith that better is coming.

Amir U.
Just write in your gratitude journal and every one in a while look at your journal and feel the warmth those things or people make you feel and the value they add to your life.