Do you prefer to practise gratitude in the morning or in the evening? Thanks

Roberto Q.
I think it would be best to do in the evening. That way you can look back at your day. You can process the good and bad parts of it. Learn from the parts of your day(if there are any)that you feel you could have handled differently or could have done without all together. Then you can celebrate your successes however small they are.🙂
Luba U.
I like to practice it in the evening after a whole day’s worth has gone by .. I can then think of more grateful things and feel happy it’s always more than just one ! 🙂
Proggyaa C.
Obviously in the morning, it's just to be new user of fabulous and all this self care stuff is like a starting to me. Thats why I was kinda confused while set up it for myself.
I want to do the stuff like meditation, yoga, feeling thankful, write something, all of that I want to do in the morning. Just to disconnect device stuffs I want to perform in the evening.
Shraddha O.
I find it best to end my day by remembering all the good things that happened throughout the day, and about how lucky I am to have deserved those. I believe ending your day on a good note is equally important as starting your day with one, but at the end we must train our minds to hold on to the good things and forget the bad ones.
Much love
Stay happy you 🙂
Darrell Z.
Evening. I like to reflect on the on the day, as well as the Big Picture things like my home, my health, and my family. In the evening, I can choose specific things to be grateful for, like an ally in a difficult moment, or an unexpected gift.