How does being grateful make you feel?BESIDES “grateful”

Karen X.
It’s still early days for me and being in a depression right now means I’m not feeling it in a way maybe I would without the cloud. I did notice a slight change of mindset during last night’s session though. Only very slight, I’m hyper-aware of myself, so it was minuscule but it was there!
Tilde Z.
It allows me to focus on people's good traits and behaviours that I like. This way I can create deeper and more loving relationships with my surroundings. This challenge also allowed me to realise that so many great and enjoyable things happen in my life and even when the day is not that eventful, wonderful things happen in my life (like spent loving time with my dogs, cooked with my mom, i played with my cat, I played board games with my family, and I had some deep and loving talk with my sister. Furthermore, since I started this challenge, there hasn't been a day that passed by without that I reflected on it. Before, days just passed by I often didn't even realise that the day is over and the new begin, it was like a vicious habit where I lived every day but didnt experience it. Now, I remember the days I've lived through, and I felt I have more power over my life because I became aware and grateful. 🙂 I feel wonderful, amazing and powerful! 🙂