What kind of effect being grateful is supposed to have?

Mikaela Z.
Being grateful opens your heart. You feel good and make the other person feel good too. It's a spread love and thanks moment. Love you and thank you!
Dink G.
For me I find being grateful a grounding experience. To stop and just realise what you have….. a roof over your head and clothes to keep you warm, clean water and food in your belly. Anything more and in my opinion you're blessed ☺️ Be grateful every day.

It doesn't make my mental health go away, or be less, but I could be cold, hungry or homeless. I'm therefore grateful for the little things I have, and that many take for granted.

Rebecca Q.
I feel that when I am grateful, my heart is receiving and my condition is improving and many things are added to my life every day, including my relationships, my health and my wealth.
Mohd Z.
It makes you feel complete. Feeling hopeful and energetic toward coming days. And if it ever doesn’t go your way, its OK. You’ll always have the reasons to smile.