What makes you feel grateful?

Felinta P.
I’m grateful for this life that I was blessed with. The way we get to live, laugh, and love. I take it for granted sometimes and I’m starting to realize how lucky I am to have a chance to live this crazy but wonderful life.

Jago S.
There’s a story about a pirate captain who was stranded on a rock in the middle of the ocean. He had 5 days worth of food and a sack full of stolen treasure. He rationed the food liberally with the confidence that he would be saved in no time. Days go to weeks and his food supply becomes a distant memory. As he laid in the sun he regretted memories of wasting food he would have cherished in the present moment. He had all the money he could want but it wouldn’t amount to anything if he was going to starve to death. He vowed from then on to never waste food again. Later that day a ship came and rescued him. He was so grateful for food that he used his treasure to open a restaurant at sea so no one would ever go hungry out in the ocean.

Anna N.
A few situations makes me feel grateful.

One is when I am without something or someone or someplace. The lack of having this thing that I normally do makes me grateful for it, it makes me want it more.

The second is when I stop and slow down. Like when I’m observing my kids playing to talking, I am reminded that they are special and that we can’t get this moment back. It makes me grateful for my life.

The third, is when I experience a hardship or witness someone else’s hardship. I think about how I can be better through that situation and is grateful for the lesson and growth opportunity.

Ethan S.
To be healthy right now, to have a lovely boyfriend. Sometimes we have struggles but we always manage to get up. I'm so grateful I sold my first kitchen today. It's a boost for my self esteem. I'm grateful I have a family and they are healthy. I'm grateful for my faith and for I was born in this family where is enough money and to be raised in a good way with manners and faith above all.

Lacy G.
Whenever my mother does something for me, I feel grateful. Whether it be a gift, an act of kindness, a financial contribution – I feel warm, humble, safe, and grateful.

Kanika O.
My supportive family, the food I eat, every single grain of it, me realising the fact that life is much more than I assumed it to be, the nature and the timing of the universe ❤. Whatever is happening is for me ….I am grateful for the universe itself is guiding me.Also, I learnt that communication is an important key of having friendships, all relationships require efforts in some or the other way. My family brings sunshine to my life, and I want to be a woman who makes someone's life better in small little ways 🙂

Leta P.
Poder fer esport passar temps al aire lliure tenir temps per mi per reflexionar… Estar una estona al dia sense fer res al acabar al dia sentir-me productiva i que lhe aprofitat. Tenir plans de futur que em facin ilusio un viatge anar a viure amb el Sergi una feina nova….

Niche F.
My family makes me feel grateful. My boyfriend, Mike, is working and yet will still come home and make me dinner. My son, Ember, is a happy, healthy baby boy. My kitties, Claire and Priscilla, are very good boys. They keep me company. My mom is so kind and good. I have a lot of family who love me. I am very lucky.

Clifford S.
What makes me grateful is my mom. she does everything for me. she puts my brother and i first before herself. she also is relatable and easy to talk to.

Iwona W.
Being present in the NOW. Enjoying time for yourself, unplug, meditate and do yoga. I am grateful if I listened to my body and put myself first. ✨

Mady Q.
I am greatful to not be working right now. Because i would be at risk for this sickness. And my baby would be as well. I am greatful my husband makes enough money to support us

Isabella C.
I'm grateful for my family, my job, for tonight's weather, I'm grateful because I'm alive,grateful for my friends and my dog.

Renata O.
My health makes me feel very grateful. The fact that I can stay home during this pandemic. My family and my boyfriend are 2 reasons for me to feel grateful.

Valentina P.
See where I have arrived considering my starting point which was behind the others. I achieved a lots all by myself, only thannk to my mindset and engage in everything.

Cameron Z.
Little moments in the busy world, quiet moments in the chaos, lively moments in the humdrum of monotony. I live for the moments that you know will last far beyond the minute they take place in. I find gratefulness for time people spend with me to share a laugh, to share a cup of coffee, or to go on an adventure. Spending time and showing genuine care for my life in the path that it is on are efforts that I notice and I'm grateful for.

Aket E.
My mom, this amazing weather, flowers, plants, smells, change, personal evolvement, fresh food, yoga, meditation, spirituality, reiki, colours, painting, music, the sea, the moon, the sun, the planets, the universe🕉

Luc Ola I.
That I am in control of my breath & that I am able to focus on the length of my exhale instead of energy that does not serve me. Whether it’s my own or someone else’s.

Trish Z.
Taking the time to simply go into nature ( it can be just greenery, really) and connect back to source. Getting rooted helps me to turn off stress. I realised I am constantly in fight or flight mode, meditation also helps. And a lot of solitude. Peace and quiet ♡

Nour V.
the thought of the fact that there are people in this world that pray for the things we have and might sometimes take for granted, the thought of some that are fighting for life and are taking their last breath while we live each day as if those little things (breathing..) are not a gift. We should never take anything for granted, not even the blink of an eye, or our beating heart etc. not anything in this world!