Do you find you are grateful for the same things everyday?

Line S.
Sometimes my mind gravitates to the same things, but if I pause for a minute I realize how many other more particular things I'm grateful for.
Carmelli N.
Yes. I am thankful for a lot of the same things everyday. Such as being safe and healthy and still having work in this pandemic.
Jeremiah C.
No, I find myself grateful for new things every day. Sure there's always some things that I'm grateful for that stay the same, but each day comes with new experiences and opportunities which give me more reasons to be thankful 😊
Minouu A.
Yes . I Don't take things for granted , it's okay to be greatful for the same things everyday , but I don't ignore the other things , too . ❤️ Have a good day ❤️
Catrianna Q.
Yes usually I do have things that I repeatedly remember that I am grateful for and that come up everyday, how amazing that we can have something consistent in our lives that we are greatful for continuously.