Do you usually find that you are grateful for small, every day things or something more significant?

Inka F.
Yes I do. I usually feel grateful for small things and I write gratitude journal daily, it usually contains small things.. once a week I have something significant too. Well not exactly.. it may be different for me. I find things grateful even in bad days… it helps me to get rid of stress at the end of the day. Nah it helps to reduce the stress ofcourse ….
Mouna A.
I am usually grateful for smaller things like a cup of hot tea or a beautiful meal. A walk in the park on a beautiful day etc.
Marjolein I.
For small things like arriving on time at work, doing my exercises, being outside with my dog, generally stuff that is good for ME as I usually don't make time for that and I should…
Liz N.
It’s definitely the little things that matter most. Yesterday, my mom stop by just to say hi and ended up cleaning off my kitchen table for me, while I was washing dishes. She really doesn’t know how much that helped me. It’s the little things that stress me out and having one less thing to stress over just made my whole evening! 🥰