How do you thank yourself?

Positive T.
Hvala sto si ostala jaka
hvala sto si se potrudila i sto nisi zaplakala 19-og
hvala sto radis na sebi i sto si tako jaka devojka
hvala sto grlis sebe i Volos sebe

Maria X.
By saying to me that iam good and I have confidence to met anything. Inshallah… allah give me the power to do whatever I do. Whenever I do something…. crowd's will say, donot do that , you're girls and you must do this and that but no no no that is our opinion to do my own thing. for what they came to my space I don't understand why . I will not give up to anyone inshallah I will meet my dreams…

Maricelda S.
I love my self & I leave bad habit..I am thankful to fabulous because I changed my life style by this awesome app , & now I am 100% even 1000% relax & happy by this amazing lovely helpful app Fabulous

Owen C.
I thank myself by taking long hot showers and doing a hair mask then readin my book while drinkin tea and I pray for the next day so that it could be just as good as the day before

Heather P.
I thank myself by giving to others and being the best version of myself
It’s not about what you have but it’s about what you do to change your life and others you can’t love others if you can’t love yourself

Kerri Lee Q.
I don’t thank myself often enough, you see I have such high expectations of myself and I always seem to fall short. I am forever apologising and feeling bad for not achieving the high hopes I’d set out to. The way I fix this is by trying to be more realistic and set more well planned goals and try to achieve them in small manageable chunks and have milestones along the way to the finish line. I would like to thank myself more often by indulging. Even some popcorn and ice cream and a movie or getting dressed up to go out can take some effort and I think they are nice ways to thank myself. Meditation and fabulous, completing everything on a long streak give me a sense of achievement. Buying myself a perfume or a new outfit. Sometimes it’s by digging really deep and going to the gym and running. I like to thank myself by doing things that take a bit of effort and planning and make me feel good or are rewarding.

Lloyd O.
I do little things for myself like shower or make myself feel beautiful. Other things I do are read and take notes and seek more knowledge

Naja U.
Every evening, I reflect on 5 things I’m grateful for in my life. Then I find 5 things about myself that I’m grateful for. This allows me a chance to see the good in myself since it’s so easy to focus on everything I did wrong during the day. After that, I look at myself in the mirror me say, “I’m beautiful. I’m strong. I’m smart. I’m kind. I’m not perfect, and that’s okay.”

Julian E.
By going out and have a good meal on the weekend,travel by train and enjoy the journey, going to a movie,stuff like that

Tonya T.
I thank myself by treating myself to a small sweet snack once a week. I love chocolate so I purchase small jars of chocolate cake and if I compete all my goals for the week I reward myself.