How do you make yourself start when you’re not feeling it?

Kira F.
I go with the basics, just taking a shower and drinking some water. It’s a nice reset for me and the water helps my body get started. Those two things give me enough momentum to do other things, and before I know it, I’ve started my day
Jacque F.
Well I just get my walks in whether I feel it or not because I have three little dogs! 😂 If I get up, drink my water and have a cup of coffee—I’m better at getting started. Some days are tough!
Michelle G.
I usually hit snooze like 2 times and then I just finally do it. It's always been hard for me to keep a habit. I'll do it for a couple days and then just get out of the mood to do it. So I'm trying to learn how to keep a routine and also pick up habits.