Are you grateful for the little things or big things?

Uli C.
Both! However, always be grateful for the little things. If your only looking for a big something, you might start thinking that life isn't that great, but it is. Take today, for example; I made my coffee perfect today! I was grateful for my first down to my last sip.
Just remember what you think is a small thing to be grateful for could mean the world to someone else.
Syd R.
Mostly little things that happen throughout my day. Like getting to spend time with my family or that I was able to get somethings done that I wanted to do.
Albane F.
I think at the moment I can't answer that in a positive light. There are really big things I don't, and the case of 1 thing can't have. My own home, marriage, children, financial security. So I focus obsessively on these. I do often thank myself for little things, but there's always the feeling it's because its all I have.
Alyssa N.
Mainly little things, it helps me maintain the sense of positivity even when big things don't happen. I'm trying to build habits and positive thinking that will help me live a healthy lifestyle, especially through tough times.
Carol Z.
Little things mean more when thought, effort, and love are put into them. To me, several little things add up to more than one big thing and last longer. One big thing is nice but if there isn’t a thought put into it, it means nothing in the end.
Jessika U.
I am grateful for both! I love focusing on the little things especially when I interact with my kids! Also I feel very blessed for some big things like my new job, being able to go on trips and my house!
Brandy E.
Both! I'm grateful for the few friends I ha've here, a big thing, an I'm grateful for the little things like seeing the hummingbird feed at my neighbors.
Zahra N.
Well I am gratefull for every thing. When I think about it .the little thing, we think it have a small role in our life while when we lose them ,we see the big difference and know their value .Big thing are just clear to us