What are you most grateful about?

Fatima S.
M grateful to Allah miyan for making me a Muslim. I never feel lonely, i am so so grateful Allah miyan Is always there for me when I need Him. He is the best , the bestest , every literally every thing He has planned for you is the greatest . Even if you don't get anything there's still goodness in that.
Hansj Rg O.
I am most grateful that i have the ability and resiliency to work through what i have learned and experiences and transform the energy into bettering myself and other. I am grateful that my experiences allow me to empathize and heal others.
Mallika N.
I am most grateful about the people who care for me and love me, my home, great food, and having an interesting job where I can grow. These things enable me to enjoy life and be engaged. They also help move towards my future goals and keep me motivated.
Ay Enur N.
I am appreciated by some people, my supervisor at my job. And this makes me feel like i am useful, i am capable, smart. While my other boss thinks i am incapable, the fact that the other one thinks completely vice versa motivates me. They don't know what i am going through.