do you ever have trouble thinking things to be grateful for? what are some ways to get past this?

Suzanne U.
Thank you so much for your question. There are times when I’m stuck in a feeling for too long that I forget what to be grateful for. That feeling may be anger, frustration, sadness or something gloomy and heavy, weighing me down. Meditation helps me to refocus on my breath giving me something to be grateful for. I start with that and continue with being grateful for time and meditation, I’m grateful for this Fabulous app that helps support me and developing good healthy habits for me. I’m grateful for you, your question that reminds me what I’m grateful for and I thank you for letting me share.
Sarah Z.
Imagine your life without something you have right now (could be physical like your ability to walk or people in your life, etc). Then be grateful for it.
Inga W.
Yes. I remind myself that over lockdown my family and I had all we needed. Each other. A roof over our heads and jobs to pay the bills. Our health. Good friends. Very lucky and grateful.
Christa N.
I had a horrific accident that has left me paralyzed in a wheelchair. Until then, I was pretty wrapped up with life. Checking off ‘to do’ lists , looking after family and fulfilling responsibilities I took on. Life was so busy, I didn’t really connect with myself and had a hard time feeling grateful….
Fast forward to my accident…I had no leg function, a torn shoulder and went from very capable and independent to being dependent and with severe limitations. I became grateful during recovery. Every little improvement was a reason to celebrate, get excited and grateful for what it did for me. I slowly gained more function and independence as I started healing and figuring out how to do things differently. Today, I am still in a wheelchair but grateful for my cognitive function, my strong upper body, that I can drive myself, feed myself, wash myself and breath on my own. I am grateful to be in charge of my own schedule. I am grateful for a nice sunny day and not to have too much pain. I took so many things for granted. Never took the time to be really present in the moment and take it all in. I took up wheelchair tennis and para rowing. I am grateful that I am still that athletic women I was before. I have met different people who are enriching my life. I am grateful for family (most of the time). I am grateful I am alive!
Anna T.
Not worrying too much about it. Genuinely thinking about what makes you calm or happy. If you can't find many, it's okay as well.
Valdemar Z.
You dont have to think of big things to be greatful for it can be really small things like the house that you have, the beautiful morning, the family that you have, that you woke up today these can be some things that you can be greatful for. Hope this helps