How do you handle the realization that what you were once greatful for no longer serves you and only brings pain?

Julie I.
Ouch. That sounds quite deep. Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time.
I would focus on what you are grateful for *now*. I think that is the exercise here… but I also think it may be helpful for you.

Every night, I think of 3 things I am grateful for. I try to make it specific to that day. It can be big or small. For example, grateful for a beautiful day, nice chat with a friend, nice meal with spouse, a helpful doctor appt, a nice compliment received, etc. Could be as simple as being grateful for a nice cup of tea!

Best of luck for better days ahead! Reach out for help (to a friend or therapist; etc.) if you find your situation overwhelming. 👍🙏

Irma J.
Then it’s time to let it go if it’s no longer serving you. I am starting to realize that what we’re going through right now during this time in a pandemic, we need to think about that. Em I feeling this way because it’s dependent on another negative? We need to first fix what is really impacting us before judging the other thing. If the main thing that no longer serves you is not impacted that way then, think about what it would be like to release it? What or how would you feel then? Better or worse and would it only be a temporary relief?
Victor W.
I think I’m still realizing it. Noticing that I was unhappy and wanting to live a life I’m proud of and giving back while happy. I know I can’t give my best if I don’t feel my best so I want to make this change. 🙂
Venita I.
Grief and loss can do this, you experienced joy and happiness, sometimes just being grateful for the capacity for this or the experience can help. And realizing the joy you experienced is inside you and you can have that again someday. No one experience or person holds all your happy moments. Find Joy and hope in knowing someday you will feel that love and joy again. ❤️