What is the best thing of writing down your thanks?

Debbie R.
The feeling u get when u realize that your day, as bad as it might have been, still had something good in it. Something to be grateful for. And in an instant your whole view of the day changes. Suddenly you feel that your day wasn't that bad. A small thought of gratitude just changes your bad day into a good day.
Alan U.
Giving thanks has helped me to put into focus the things which truly make my life amazing. Being grateful for what I have puts into perspective how blessed I am and therefore creates more things to be thankful for. Gratitude is the best way to bring more good into our lives anyway, so it’s a wonderful thing no matter how we look at it. It also helps me to be more aware of my thinking and what I am focusing on during the day. There is so much that is “bad” or just a different vibration of energy that doesn’t resonate or align with me and I could focus on that, but like I said, the positive stuff I write down, helps me to focus on the good in the world. I hope that helps and encourages you. Cheers!