What are your favorite ways to show gratitude?

Tina E.
I tend to help people out to show them I am grateful for them. I am taking time out of my way to help them. There's no need to but I do do so.

Hans J S.
I like to review my day and see how everything I did will profit me or profited me at that time. I like to see the thinks I avoided when something that was supposed to happen didn't happen, or how the alternative was good too. 😀

Rosa T.
Thanking .. being there in the hard times for them , never forget their favor , I will pay their favor back even not to them! Maybe to another person ..
once a girl huged me when I was crying . Since then I am hugging her every single girl crying and have no one to take care of her .

Christian C.
One of the easiest ways is saying it, and verbalizing it makes it more real. Small things and favors go further than grandiose gestures.

Kristen S.
Honestly, I've been really bad about showing my gratitude. I've been so overwhelmed in my negative thoughts and feelings and feeling paralyzed in my life and home. The ways I would like to show my gratitude are verbally thanking that person, writing a thank you note, doing something helpful for that person.

Ily S F.
Hi , well that depends to situation more then usual I say Thank you so much for example in that thing or Thank you, you are one of the best Or Thanks that's kind of you . Something like this its the way I show my gratitude but I like this one more then other's . Thanks a lot you are very nice . I think it's formal but you can use it in every situation

王柏濬 N.
I would recall my day from the moment I woke up and try my best to remember all the things, no matter good or bad, that’s my way to show my gratitude.

Ag N.
Affirmations. Patience with others. Remembering every “failure” is simply a lesson getting you closer to your dream life.