How do you turn something you are frustrated or angry about into something you are grateful for? For example, politics or parents illness

Jasmine S.
You notice the love and support around you. Anger and frustration is what drives you to make changes and protect yourself from harms way. It gives us a purpose, a change to stand up and show the world what we’re made off. It makes us strong and appreciate the people and the greatness that is this wonderful planet. Some things we take for granted, the smell of fresh air, the rising sun, the precious moon, a warm cup of tea… the little things that bring warmth to our lives.
Danny S.
I’ve never been able to turn a sickness, politics into something to be grateful about but I have been grateful that certain bad situations happened with relationships to make me realize it was a bad place to be in with a person and grateful to have learned from the experience and grow.
Jennifer P.
You don't have to be grateful for everything. Just find things that you are grateful for even if it is as simple as being grateful for breathing
Klothilde F.
Hi! Well I personally don’t think that you will be happy or thankful all the time, even more when you have some problems. What I would recomend is think in something that makes you happy and be grateful about having that in your life. I’m horrible expressing myself and this isn’t my mother language so I’m really sorry, but the point is that you don’t have to be grateful about something that happened today or yesterday, most important is to meditate about how fortunate you are for having a thought that makes you happy. I hope you are okey and if it’s not ask for help, you are very strong, never forget that <3
Imogen P.
I would say by trying to focus on the positives within the negatives, so getting to spend quality time with your parents, or being thankful for their good days. Being thankful for them being able to receive excellent treatment (hopefully that is the case) & thankful for the medical professionals looking after them.
For politics, depending on your situation, I would be thankful for living in a democracy where I have the right to vote for the person/ party that represents and makes decisions for my country (even if it’s not the person I voted for!). Thankful for not living in a dictatorship and for having freedom of speech, unfortunately not everyone has this right.
More broadly I focus my gratitude practice on the smaller things, the day to day things that make me remember there’s something positive in every day.
Jill E.
I just lost my Mother to cancer a few months ago. I’m still angry and in pain. However, I try to look back at the moments I had with her with gratitude. That I took advantage of opportunities large and small. I wish I didn’t live across the country from her but I’m grateful for technology to send videos and FaceTime and to send her items in two days. I wish she didn’t die, but I’m grateful for the moments we did have – I got to take her on her first cruise. I make the choice to be grateful cause I can’t live in constant anger.
Marina U.
My father died recently. I was so angry and sad. I always asked my self what else i have possible do to help him. And in the end I did everything i could. Im trying to be grateful for the amazing moments with him and for everything that he teach me about life. Its hard but not impossible to turn someting so painful to gratitude.
Jenika J.
Think about the time when your loved ones weren't ill and how grateful you were to have that time, then remind the universe how excited you are to see them heal and become healthy again, universal law of attraction- it's like gravity!