On the practical level, how to you practice being grateful (thinking, writing, etc,.)?

B U P.
As for me, being grateful is a state of mind; i relax in my bed, eyes closed and start reorganizing my thoughts, i actually think of simple gestures like a joke someone told me, a feeling that i've felt during the day, something i didn't really observe before…sometime i feel grateful for water lol.let mw ays briefly; it's the little things 🤍
Barbara N.
I have a journal in which I write everything good and bad happened during my day, but when I go to bed I think of the good things only: this makes me feel satisfied at the end of the day and prepare myself for the next day. When bad thoughts are going in my mind I write them on my journal, just like it was a dump; and it works, because just after I have written that bad thing on the paper, it goes away from my head. Instead, when something good happens to me, I don’t only write it on my journal, but I keep it in my mind until I go to sleep.
Katy Z.
everytime I find myself in a bad mood I start listing everything I am grateful for. I also am doing a gratitude page in my BUJO, in which i will List
Camille E.
I use an app called grateful and it has been really good to write in it everybody. My partner and I do it together as part of our night routine and we exchange the grateful at the end and see each other’s writings. It has been very nurturing for us.