Why do people want to be grateful for everything? Every day I am grateful because I am alive have food to eat water to drink and a phone. This is the basis for gratefulness

Hugo O.
Because some people are afraid they don’t realize what they have to be grateful for so they try to be grateful about everything so that doesn’t happen
Amena W.
Maybe if we are not grateful for things, we loose meaning and sight of wgat is important in our lives. Sometimes we tend to only see the negative in things, and soon it becomes a daunting cloud over our heads. It’s better to just be grateful for everything
Imogen B.
Because it’s important to remind yourself in darker times that there are always little positives and noticing them and acknowledging them can help lift an otherwise bleak time.
Emily W.
I’m grateful for my family. Knowing all my life I was suffering from my trauma and that I have been unconscious all my life. With meditation and awareness in feeling awesome.