How to stay grateful when the day went well and right at the end an upset between two people in close long-term relationship happened?

Desra N.
Thank you so much for your question. I am not an expert however I have gone through enough losses in battles that weren’t necessary to fight. Be grateful that there is someONE to love. Be grateful to BE loved. Be grateful that there is something to disagree on. Be grateful there are differences that make each person unique. Be grateful for being YOU. Thank you for letting me share.
Lynne F.
I can imagine what happens in the evening overshadowed what happened all day. When you have a difference of opinion with a loved one its emotional and can take the wind out of your sail, so to speak. But you can use the gratitude moment to refocus on whats good about your loved one, their good qualities, what attracted you to them in the first place. You will remember why you love them and work to calmly focus on preserving the relationship. Use kind and upbuilding words to resolve the dispute. Remember it's long term for some reason… Gratitude helps you remember and focus on the positive aspects of that person. This allows you to continue your good day / evening.
Aulia N.
I will go to meditate is for every day that will calm or back my mood and fresh emotion right way and feel better to choose anymore. The solution about problem is stay calm and yah i have been write this up :v
I love my self, i wanna take care to my self. I dont have many time to something like negative