How do you remain grateful when you have had a very difficult day?

Sofia N.
Even If u had a really bad day, You got to remain greatful, and You can do that thinking of something pretty, something that makes You happy for the rest of the day
Brent C.
The trick to remaining grateful on a difficult day, is to always remind yourself that there are people out there with less than what you have, or even nothing at all compared to what you have. Perhaps it might be a difficult day, but there could be someone else out there who is having a much worse day than you are.
Casara P.
You’re not less grateful just because bad things happen to you. You’re only less grateful if you wallow in them. The odds are that there is SOMETHING to be grateful for, even if it’s the fact that you’re still breathing, that your survived. I think gratitude is more about a mindset than anything else. You don’t have to be like "Thank you Universe for these terrible things" all sarcastic like — you just need to be honest and dig deep for the one good thing somewhere in there. "Alright, that day was tough. But I’m still breathing. Tomorrow’s a new day. I’m grateful for THAT. I’m grateful for the lesson , even if I wasn’t quite ready to learn it yet, I’m grateful to be alive. I’m grateful to just be here."