How do you keep your gratefulness writing fresh everyday?

Aranwen I.
I like to think specifically about what was unique to the day that I am grateful for. Maybe one day you’re grateful for rivers, because you visit one, and the next day you express gratitude for refrigeration because you got to open a cold beverage on a hot day. Start at the beginning of the day, find what’s unique, and that’s how each day becomes a gift.
Isabella G.
I sometimes write the same things over and over again. Not all of the things I say are the same but sometimes I’ll copy one or two. Keep it fresh by looking around the room for things to be thankful for or around the house or street.
Janina M.
Well it's all connected, just think of what you did during the day, and remembering things will help you list parts you are grateful for!
Shannon P.
I think of what happened that day and what things made me feel good. Every day is new. So there is always a new spin on what made me thankful that day.
Carol F.
Being grateful to me is living and making choices that reflect how thankful I am for the experience or opportunity given.

It's an understanding that my application of the things I'm learning whether through hardship or love, all of these see meantto be shared.

That's how others know they are ok. Because we make a human connection through our experiences because we all feel.

Cynthia N.
I have a guided gratitude journey. I got it at 5 below. But I'm sure you can just Google one n find them. It's nice cuz it's always a different topic. N it guides you to the topics so you don't have to try n find new ones everyday
Mirco Z.
I step outside and see my surroundings. I think of all the little things everybody takes for granted… Opening my eyes every morning, dancing without help, singing badly, having running water, having food, even having to see a star in the sky or the sun or a flower or feeling raindrops… There are a lot of things to be grateful for
Bee O.
I actually don’t write it down, I speak it aloud. And I also don’t worry about keeping it “fresh.” I’m fine with being grateful for the same things every day alongside the unique things.