What time of day works best for your gratefulness habit?

Danielle W.
I like to complete the gratefulness habit in the bed right before I go to sleep. That way I’m an able to close my eyes on a positive note reflecting the good things that happened that day
Jar I.
In the evening, when I am soon going to sleep or ai am already in the bed, I like to think those aspects I am grateful from today.
Cynthia N.
Anytime really. Sometimes I do it first thing in the morning to start my day with gratitude. Other times I do it before bed and reflect on my day. Honestly anytime works and it's whatever works for you
Lucile Y.
For me it's whenever you know you can be alone with your thoughts.
During your morning routine or bedtime routine, lunchtime, or walking to or from somewhere.
Cl Mentine C.
I usually find that reflecting at the end of the day works best for me, especially if I've had a tough day it helps me focus on what I should be grateful for, if I've had a good day it helps me reflect on that too!
Pedro Y.
End of day. It gives me time to reflect on how my day went. Also, I try to start my day by writing a list of things I want to do instead of gratitude. Although it might be helpful to write gratitude in am and pm
Meta Y.
When i have gone to bed, before sleeping. In the morning i am too fresh 😀 In the evening a lot has happened already during the day so i have more thoughts to write down.
Clarice Y.
Mornings for SURE. I just have a way better outlook on life in the early morning, especially if I’ve set my alarm and didn’t hit snooze a thousand times. I feel the joy that comes with a whole day ahead of me, like that little taste of possibility carries some significant weight on my mental health. And the previous day’s troubles just don’t seem so heavy anymore!