How do you show you are grateful for you life and opportunities regularly?

Rachel L.
When I catch myself thinking something nice about someone else or what they've done/how they've treated me, I try to tell them because there is so much good that goes unsaid. I also have scheduled in 10 minutes of gratitude per night on my evening schedule in the Fabulous app and I write about what went good and what I'm grateful for each day.
Margaret F.
Daily, before I rise and before bed, I think of at least three things or people or experiences for which I am grateful. When a friend or colleague shows me who they are – by being or doing something that can only come from them, I notice and acknowledge the act or word, or just the way they showed up for me that day. By seeing people, hearing them and seeking to understand them, I express my gratitude for their presence in this life.
Katie E.
Yoga. Plenty of free videos out there to follow for a guide. All you need is a yoga mat (ideally) and an open mind. Also, pick out three things at the end of each day which have made that day awesome. This can be anything: from hearing birdsong, to winning a prize – it's up to you! Also, smiling!!