What are you most grateful for, why?

Frida B.
I am most grateful for my family. For the life they have given me and the moments we create every day. I am grateful for the synchronisity we have found in our daily routines and the way we still manage to surprise each other. I am grateful to have seen each other at our worst and to have found forgiveness. I am grateful for how they have taught me different ways to love and find happiness, and for the future we will find together.
Angela Q.
I'm just grateful that today is just a pretty chill day. No stress, no bad moods, just a chilly rainy day, which I very love. I just got back from a slump and I'm thankful that I get to do my usual daily routines.
Amal N.
I am grateful for everyday I get to wake up and watch the sunrise peacefully. I am also grateful for my health and my family.