How do you keep a cool head in frustrating situations?

Asmita P.
I try to remind myself “respond, not react”. Most of our reactions are impulsive and hard to come back from. If something bothers are hurts me, I sit with it and then I choose to respond to it in the best possible way
Amber Z.
Actually, I don't. I suck at keeping my head cool even in very little stress situations. I do try to breath and try to think of something that will help completing the task. So I create little steps and this gives me an overview of how I can keep going instead of just stressing. This is still very hard for me though.
D Cio P.
It comes natural to me to start complaining, but i usually take a deep breath and take a maximum of 15 minutes to think about a solution and then do anything to solve it. Instead, if i don't want to solve the problem problem or i can't, i just ignore it and use music to manage my feelings as long as i can (using headphones)
Gloria O.
I keep a cool head in frustrating situations,like calming myself down, taking alot of deep breaths and massaging my own head and feels really good and comfy for my head.
Zeel Z.
I ask myself what other people in my situation would do and temporarily remove myself from the situation if possible. If not, I breathe.
Chuka B.
Whenever I feel worried or frustrated, I find it easy to keep a cool head when I pray. I also remind myself that: if I can get through this one situation, it'll strengthen my character, and make me more resilient towards many more of such.
Sophie N.
first you have to stop and think about what you’re going to say. The point is to say something you won’t regret. You can also take deep breaths, use the 5 senses anxiety technique or clench your fist