Do you prefer to start or end your day with what you’re grateful for?

Christa E.
For me, I like to end my day with ten good/ grateful things. It helps me sleep more peacefully and then I wake up feeling lighter knowing there is not a lot of pressure building from the day before. It keeps my morning focused on goals and end my days with peace and satisfaction
Nevdil P.
It depends on my mood. Mostly I find more time to think about my day at night before going to bed, like what did I do today or what are the things I found difficult to handle etc. But also I tried to do in the morning couple of times just to have a positive start for the day.
Nanna W.
I prefer to end my day with gratitude rather than begin my day with it. It wraps up the day nicely, whether it had more good or bad.
Priscila N.
I like to start my day with what I'm grateful for. It's usually when I have time alone to think. In the evening my husband gets home and I like to spend that time with him.
Mo F.
End. The start of my day is now full of drinking water, doing exercise and eating a decent breakfast. It's nice to snuggle into bed with a brain full of things to be grateful for.