How do I bring myself into genuine gratitude on command?

Dayana X.
English is not my first language so I'll just gonna give some points & examples
1. Don't compare your life with other pople's life
– I wish my husband was rich.
Turns out most of rich people are cheaters and they treat people like doormats.
– I wish I was famous.
Famous people have no privacy AT ALL, they'll get burnout, they must look perfect 24/7, etc.
2. See something with different prespective
– I wish I live in South Korea.
Turns out in South Korea you can't be ugly or fat, no marriage last more than 10 years, etc.
3. Being spiritual helps. A LOT. I personally a Christian so I have guidance to be grateful. But I also learn about other religions and beliefs.
Spirituality gives us wisdom. Wisdom gives us maturity & empathy. Maturity & empathy give us ability to see something in a different prespective & positive thinking.
אנסטסיה בורמיסטרוב N.
I think about my partner. I can't be grateful enough for this amazing man that somehow ended up in my life. He inspires me everyday to be a better person
Levi W.
I don't know anymore. There is a few things I am grateful for, but it starts to get difficult to be thankful for something new every day.
Jannette N.
Write every day 5 things in gratitude book. Do it for a long time. Next time you will see the positive and are gratitude for the things in life.
Rashanna E.
I would say the best thing is to start taking deep breaths and think about the best thing that has occurred during that day. Sometimes, it may feel as though everything has gone wrong that day, in those instances be thankful for the "little" things. For example: I woke up this morning. I have the use and activity of my limbs. I have freedom. I have good health. Always remember, that even though you may not be where you want to be in your life, it could always be worse. Be thankful that it isn't.
Loan T.
It’s difficult to enter a state of gratitude on command, especially if you are down. Although, with practice and continuous reflection, gratitude no longer becomes a state you « enter » rather it is a consistent thing you will notice as things you are grateful for occur. It will become a emotion, hopefully subconsciously, just like anger or fear that appears when prompted.
Catherine G.
Once you start looking at things you see alot more things to be thankful of. From being inside on a rainy day, to being out in the rain and feel the cleansing of your soul from it. There is always a positive in every situation, you just need to look and focus on it
Linda Y.
First I pray for everything I want to thank. And I tirar to the people how thankful I’m for what they’ve done. But I aiai must write something
Hektorite S.
I think gratitude is an organic feeling, you either arnt or you are grateful for something. If you consider things in your life with an open heart and mind, but feel no gratitude, This to me indicates an area for change on some level. I think 'on command' is also expecting too much of yourself, you need to sit in contemplation with your thoughts and emotions and see what resonates 🙂