How do I show gratitude for something which I gave up on?

Adriana R.
The key is not to give up but to take breaks.
If this or something you’re trying hard to achieve but you feel like you failed I recommend you take a break and when you are ready continue pursuing what you wanted. Those small actions will give you satisfaction and you’ll be grateful.
Kimberly Q.
Everything you do can be used as an opportunity to teach a lesson. So even if you gave up on something, what did it teach you? Even if you learned that you shouldn't have given up, you learn something. And you took the first step to something new. Maybe today is the day to try something new again.
Mal T.
Sometimes it helps me realise the things that don’t actually serve me a purpose, or that I think I should be doing. At the same time, giving up means that there was something I was struggling with that I need to address, or maybe I was trying to do too much at once.