What are the most frequently used things that you are grateful for. Let’s say a top 10. I am very curious to find out if there’s any commonality across human experience.

Anton C.
The sound of my children laughing, my health, my career, my dog, when I hug someone I love and they hug me tighter, good morning texts, when someone cooks me a meal, long walks or hikes in beautiful places, a good book, cup of tea & fluffy blanket on the couch at the end of the day, not having anything “to do” for a whole afternoon.

Renzo G.
1. My phone, I know this one is a bit cliché and probably not very healthy but I use my phone every day and am fateful I i able to do to connect with friends and family virtually.
2. My watercolour pencils, I wouldn’t be able to create with out em
3. My clothes! I love love love choosing an outfit every morning, keeps me a little bit sane
4. My water bottle. This boy has been with me for years and keeps me hyrdrated
5. My head phones, mum bought these for me a few weeks ago and I am so so grateful for that’s quality!
6. My music! Not sure if his counts but this is definitely a something i use everyday and need!
7. My Kitchenaid, I don’t use this everyday but the fact I have it makes me so happy
8. Maybe goblet, mum and dad got this one made for my 21st and I think that is very special. ALso such a requirement for wine
9. My earrings, even though I lost one yesterday 😪 I finally feel like I’m close to my ideal piercing placement
10. My journal! Have been journaling everyday and Ann so happy i’m getting back into this practice!

Ruth B.
My health
My security financially
For my loving partner
For my loving family
For the emotional security they provide
For the education and opportunities I’ve received
For having a solid home in Newcastle even though I’ve been away.
Being in such a privileged job
For my personality and it’s need to continually learn more