It’s okay to sometime be upset?

Naomi G.
Yes, I definitely think being upset is natural because that’s how we let out our emotions. Bottling everything up and pretending to be happy 24/7 can take it’s toll and make us even more tired.
Elias F.
Yes of course. Every human has the right to be upset. Its totally fine. You know? Just a while ago I had a very similar problem. I would feel upset but then feel guilty seeing that I might be just ungrateful.i always felt bad when I was sad and the fact that I was raised in a way that stated crying is selfish didnt really help. But believe me when I realized how unfair I was to myself I knew that being upset is totally fine. And people around you must understand because of course they get upset too. So if you are ever upset dont blame yourself or hide it. Go to someone you trust and just talk with them about your problems. I wish you all the luck, dear. Bye
Penha Y.
Yes, being upset and in the moment can relieve stress. But knowing how to let it go and live in the present and forgive is how you heal andove forward
Courtney O.
Yes it’s okay to be upset, it is a part of everyday life you have your bad days and you have your good days, on the bad days you tend to focus on the negatives therefore your energy will shift towards being negative, if you counteract this negative energy with positive thoughts the same attitude will be reciprocated throughout the day