Why do we practice gratitude in our daily lives?

Beatrice U.
We do it because we're too often drowning in our own negativity and we need to set up our brain to start being more positive and realize what we realy already have..

Lora A.
Idk, I think everyone has their own reasons, selfish or not. I'd agree mine is both. It's to remind me to be grateful for what I have, even the little (although it's truly really big and important thing) things – I have clean water available, roof over my head and my own room and bed, I am relatively healthy (am diabetic, but also I have access to health care and latest medical equipment like glucose sensor and an insulin pump which make my life easier and less painful – hate needles) and I am fully mobile. But there are also selfish ones like (notice that being a little selfish is good) : I am grateful for the internship I got, the workshop I attended and anything that might help me find a good job later on, that I (for example) did my Japanese lesson that day.

Philip N.
I practice gratitude because it brings to mind all the wonderful people in my life and all the things that make life interesting, beautiful, adventurous, exciting, secure, convenient and comfortable. It is a way to fight the natural inclination towards negativity which pull me downward. I like the uplifting and compassion and kindness that I feel and express towards others when I practice gratitude.

Jeffrey T.
To see the good in things even while at having a bad day. It can make you feel calm and happy also it can show you that every day has good all around even when not trying to be shown. It can be shown is the slightest ways like just waking up or , getting some food.

Paola T.
We got used to give value only to bad things happening in our daily life, judjing our selves for our mistakes. Gratitude gives us the chance to notice the good things, breaking the bad habit. Moreover, it makes us more aware of the pleasure of the simple things and what we already have. Expressing gratitude everyday is changing the way I feel and face the day.

Kimberly Z.
For me, the reason why I celebrate gratitude is because I want to keep track of the bigger picture. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the bad things that happened in everyday life, however if you practice gratitude you can come to find out that your life really isn't as bad as you think.

Barbara Z.
To help us attain perspective. We should always be appreciative of what we have and use it as a stepping stone to a stronger & well balanced future.

Pinky C.
When you always notice the little gifts that Allah sends to you, and be aware of the privileges that we take for granted you become satisfied with what you have and you will trust Allah's plan for you, as a result you will incounter overall happiness and relief .

Senaya Q.
Because we shouldn’t take life for granted and should always be thankful of what we have in our lives, no matter how little it is

Shaza J.
Because gratitude is a good way of showing how thankful we are and in some cases some people can't really do that so we need to practice gratitude more often for ourselves and others so we can live a happy life

Craig P.
Practicing gratitude teaches us to not sweat the small things when there are so many things to be grateful for. It brings us back down to earth when we get stuck living in our heads. Its a reminder to be grateful for the things the next person may not have.

Paul N.
It helps you cheer on life and what you already have. This helps regulating emotions. By feeling grateful for those things you feel rewarded, and it makes you more patient striving towards bigger goals as you are less tempted to give into “quick but long term useless temptations”. So it’s basically helping to take control over emotions. Very abstract example: you know a healthy diet is good for you and eating tons of chocolate isn’t. But chocolate is a quick rewarding temptation. By being grateful for example for beautiful apple trees or whatever, you feel less tempted by something like chocolate and have an easier time chasing a big goal like living a healthy diet.

Soan O.
Gratitude might seem like something simple and even stupid, but if we don't recognize the good things in our lives, we'll end up feeling trapped in self pity. This will become an endless cycle we should avoid because once we start focusing JUST in the negative aspects, every time it becomes harder for us to see something good in our lives, and that wouldn't allow us to feel genuinely happy at all.
So if everyday we practice being grateful for the things we have (even if they might seem small or irrelevant), we'll firstly create a good habit that benefits our mental health, and secondly feeling more fulfilled with our lives and what we have.

Miko Aj X.
You need to notice a bad thought and immadietly cancel it, then you can think "well actually it doesnt matter that much" and try to think about it in other way. It may be hard at first to believe that it really doesnt matter, but then after time you have to notice that it truly didnt matter at all, that way you can build confidence in yourself.

Lo N.
It is important to practice gratitude in our lives and with others because it give ture purpose to our life. When you stop to be thankful for the minimal things in our life we will appreciate everything else even more.

Karl Friedrich Z.
I practice gratitude daily because most times I find myself not living in the moment and appreciating what I have in the present. It’s easy to forget how blessed you are until you sit back and count your blessings one by one.

Marionette B.
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Natalia G.
To focus on positive instead of negative. To value every day and understand that even "bad" day had it beautiful moments that are worth celebrating. We fill our hearts with gratitude towards each and every day to live with a greatful heart

Nora E.
Because i think this is the best way to know that what we have and be gratfull about them.this can help us to live happier and peacfully.

August A.
So we can appreciate all we have instead of feeling lack for the things we don’t have, and so we can learn to focus on the positive and find joy in all situations

Ash X.
When you're grateful for everything you have, you'll always have more than enough because people always want more than what they have no matter how much they might have, but realizing that what you already have is so much and so lucky to have will always make you feel fulfilled 💗

Cassie S.
Sitting with gratitude puts negative things and thoughts into perspective. It teaches you what is really important to focus on. You can only move forward be grateful for your experiences as you learn from everything. There are no mistakes when you practice gratitude, only experiences that you forced you to learn and grow. And when you decide what you prioritize, so be grateful for your own perspective.

Mille N.
We practice gratitude to stand still by the things we have in life. You can see them but only if you practice gratitude you can feel them too. We have to stay positive and look at the bright side, so we express gratitude. Even when our path is rough or it’s hard to see the bright side, there will always be at least one thing that you’re grateful for.

Hanna N.
To make our life better than before. In this way we become one with universe. And we receive and absorb positive energy. Then universe answer to us . And also we enjoy of yourself

Kasper U.
Because life is full of little positive things that we passed by without giving the right importance. It’s a great practice to take the time and reflect on this little moments, to realize that they are actually bigger than we think.

Alex E.
Personally for someone like me who suffers with depression, it helps to remind me that not everything sucks and that there are actually things in life that help you look ahead and move forward, and it helps give me hope that the not-so-good things can indeed get better too.

Senaya Q.
To remind ourselves that we have a place on this earth and that we have tools to live with it happily and to protect it. Especially because we now live in a world that is so fast paced and focused on productivity, success, etc.

Elizabeth S.
It helps us become attuned to how much there is to be grateful for in our lives… and doing this makes you feel better about yourself and your life. As Jeff Warren says in one of his meditations, you are undoing the negativity bias we all have. And this makes us happier… which is a good thing 🙂

Marie Charlotte Z.
I actually choose a time that I set and list the things I’m grateful for. Otherwise sometimes it’s way more spontaneous and it comes naturally, like when I look at the sea, or see something beautiful, help someone, have a “hi” from a poor worker… anything can be a source of gratitude. I’m even gonna say that the things that seem negative, I now allow myself to be sad or angry for a day then see how this situation can actually be positive. There is ALWAYS something positive to find, it just takes a bit of practice!

Leni F.
To appreciate the little things more in our lives and not take them for granted. Therefore, we become content and happier in our lives, and to know that life becomes unbearable without them because of how much we've grown used to them.

Ares G N.
Because gratitute is like a key that opens doors everyway. Gratitude to yourself, to the universe, to your colleages, your friends and family…. when you practice gratitude people change their ways… it is not magic but a miracle.

Senaya Q.
Thats a really good question, its hard to answer. If we don't do it in our daily life we won't feel the same way about things that happend if you understandt what i mean. You have to be grateful for the things you have because you can have food but There are People ou There who can't eat food because they don't have the moneh for that. And i don't say we are better than them everyone is important but i don't think you want their live right? I think you would be happier in the live that you have right now then in a live of someone that has nothing. No love, No food, No friends, No familly,…
SO that's why you have to be grateful everyday for what you have.

Priscilla N.
To realize how much we are getting and how we're improving and to embrace and appreciate those things so we could keep doing some of those things and be able to reflect them being grateful also helps us understand some things we didn't or means we understand the value of what we're grateful for 🙂

Sibel Q.
I believe in gratitude! Because it makes we better. And it makes we see the small and good thing. Things that pass in our days imperceptive

Amalia O.
I do it to reflect on the good things in my life. I usually feel very blessed once I have it all in writing. The thing about gratitude is not what you have, but what you don’t have. That’s my take on it. I don’t have an illness. I don’t have to worry where I’ll sleep tonight or whether I’ll be hungry before that. I count myself lucky for this and gratitude is what comes to me. I’m showered with gratitude. I hope this helps!

Hanseul X.
I’ve been writing things I am grateful for every morning for the past 5 months and really it’s the best thing I have ever done in my life. It takes less than 5 minutes and yet its impact is huge. It instantly boosts my mood and helps me start my day with a positive outlook on life. It also makes me want to be more productive and future-oriented rather than being complacent. Scientific studies show people who practice gratitude are happier and healthier. They say it even changes your brain. Seriously, look it up. I can’t explain any better than psychologists but I can say I experienced that myself. I recommend start small. First start with 3 things that you’re grateful for – it can be anything. Don’t just think. Write it down. The more details the better. Do it everyday. See how it makes you feel and how it goes. If you like it and want to do more, try expanding the list. I write what I am grateful for life in general, and for my partner and then for myself, 3 things for each. I usually write on my commute and it takes only 7 to 10 minutes. And yet it saved my marriage and helped me with depression. It may not be the answer to everything and it may not be for everyone, but certainly it has worked out for me and changed my life for the better. Just give it a try!

Pearl C.
To remember what great we have and we have been taking it for granted, to remember how lucky we are to have aa that we have….. And bieng thankful to it genuinely from our hearts is a good practice also for your health and body.

Lisa N.
I practice gratitude because I forces me to stop and really focus on the positives in my life. With life so busy sometimes everything becomes so overwhelming that it’s easy to forget to stop and notice the good things around me and why I work so hard in the first place. I am also guilty of comparing my life against others, wither they be people around me or famous people in social media. Practicing gratitude allows me to notice all that I have as opposed to focusing on all that I don’t have.

Malthe P.
When we start to notice the amazing things around us, life becomes more beautiful than ever. It’s easy to take things for granted, but when you sit down and take the time to think about all of the little things you’re grateful for, you appreciate them more and it shows.

Palmira F.
we practice gratitude to know the worth of everything we have and to remind ourselves to be grateful because there is other people out there who don't have things that are essential for life but we have them so we better be grateful for them ☺️

Rocco T.
To appreciate all the little things that life has to offer us. Because everything consists of little particles. Whether it is a puzzle, huge goal or a complex emotion called happiness. And by appreciating everything that we have now, we mentally set ourself to the mode, where we are ready to receive more. Gratitude help you to realize how lucky you are and how much you already has had accomplished.

Benjamin Z.
It’s important to remember what you do have instead of what you don’t have. Writing what we’re grateful for everyday keeps us more appreciative and humble.

Fatemeh U.
Because it is nassasary and of course important. And also this is a way to see how much lucky we actually are in life. ❤️

Anna T.
because sometimes you can take for granted the blessings that you have. you need to learn to appreciate everything you have and understands value. being grateful for everything you have even if it is a small thing, helps your understanding of life. it helps you grow and look at things with a new perspective. be thankful for the trees, for the bees, for your home whatever that might be, your friends or family, the air you breathe, the ground to walk on, and the sunshine on your face to warm you up. there are so many things to be grateful for. take the time in your day to find at least 5 different things.

Kayden N.
Starting each day with an attitude of gratitude really helps pave the rest of that day for hope, optimism, and in turn more willing to pass it along, reciprocate.

Brandi X.
I think it helps remind us of the positive influences in our lives. It also teaches us values and shows us purpose and meaning in our lives.

Machai O.
I think we practice graditude in our daily lives because it's a better way to reflect and build up courage for the future.

Hartwig E.
to see that even in times of hardship there are happy moments and gratitude will help make us more appreciative with everything we have and be content with it