I’ve got a habit of “performing “ gratitude at certain times & if I miss it due to other circumstances it’s more likely I won’t do it at all? What would you recommend?

Koraitem N.
I would recommend really reflecting and deciding when it is the best time for you to engage in this practice. For me it is before bed. My body is naturally winding down and as I end up sitting and zoning out I remember to make it purposeful.

Fatms N.
I am in the same boat. And that’s applies for everything that I love to accomplish. It is really important to think of ways to achieve such goals even if it is not in the regular daily timing. I don’t have any amazing idea and did not try anything yet. What am I thinking of right now is a couple of techniques. We may try them all

Anastasiia F.
First things first don’t be too harsh on yourself for that, and then just don’t miss it next time. Every missed time is a little mistake, we all do it, just keep in mind that you have this habit and think about those circumstances beforehand. You got this, I believe!

Najee O.
Detach from having to do it at certain times and do it when you can. If you feel like you'll niss to mych then have a certain time set up and uf you do miss it, just make up for it when you can

Nikolaj Z.
I’ve got a habit of doing the same and to be honest, it’s difficult to manage, but I find that it helps even to think of things in my head that I’m grateful in random pauses in the day, which accumulate to a lot by the end. Apps can help us as reminders but the main thing is to find moments in the day where you are so present that you feel truly grateful for that moment and that presence.